Monday, April 07, 2008


Not content with illegally parking on the road leading to Port Ramsgate, I see the foreign truckers have now colonised the pavement. So much for anyone wanting to take a bracing stroll along the prom. Presumably sightseers on foot would have to divert onto the road, and run the considerable risk of being mown down by, er, a foreign truck.

I can see how our discreet, British signage to the effect that only cars and motorcycles are permitted to park in the bays off the Western Undercliff might confuse our foreign friends, who are probably more used to four metre high signs depicting a large lorry crossed out in red. But parking on a pavement is pretty much a universal offence, surely?

PS: I see yet another building caught fire hereabouts yesterday. More details on Zumi's excellent Ramsgate blog here.

Click here for full fire story and photo on Kent Messenger website


Anonymous said...

Ramsgate operation stack trial,
also needed as an overspill park for TC visitors.

Anonymous said...

You can also find or European friends parking on the footpath between the Nethercourt roundabout and the Lord of the Manor 'interchange'.
I've only seen the police move them on once and that was when they were parked so close to a junction on a bend that there was a real risk of a head on collion, and then only after I had called up and complained.

Anonymous said...

That is outrageous. Wot a cheek.

Eastcliff Richard said...

OK - foreign vehicles aside, here's a question. TDC have just put up their parking charges, but has anyone ever seen parking attendants, or whatever they're called these days, sticking tickets on the numerous illegally parked vehicles around the island? Or do they just patrol car parks? I've only witnessed tickets being issued to vehicles parked on double yellows once in almost three years.

So what are the increased parking charges paying for? Certainly not enforcing parking violations, it seems.

I'm not a supporter of over-enthusiastic enforcement like you get in some boroughs, but when we're paying through the nose and there seems to be no enforcement at all it makes you wonder.

BTW, I parked in Canterbury the other day. £1.10 for three hours within the City walls. Would cost you more to park in Margate for a walk around boarded-up shops. Crazy.

Millicent said...

Surely Trans Europa Ferries must be able to come to some parking arrangement with these guys at weekends - or why can't they cross to Ostend on Sundays and wait there till Monday morning.

Anonymous said...

TDC are killing off our town centres with the parking restrictions and parking charges.Why are the public not allowed to park free in Margate in TDC'S carparks on a sunday, KCC'S on street parking is free, but there is no sign in the carparks notifiying unsuspecting motorists that they are being ripped off and would have saved their money by parking on the on road outside the carpark free. Anyway, What the hell. at least TDC employees enjoy free parking, and the money keeps flowing in from the paying public.

Anonymous said...

Don't be silly anon 4:12! That would require Thanet Council's Maritime Services division to actually co-ordinate something!

Anonymous said...

im a worker at the port of ramsgate and have to deal with these drivers on a daily basis, belive me when they loose their temper its not nice, so rather than jut bitching and moaning that were not doing enough to move the vehicles along, why dont you go down there and tell the drivers yourself. then lets see what kind of response you get.