Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I see the cops have spoken out yet again to deny any connection between the shocking murder of David O'Leary earlier this year and the dreadful arson attack on Tivoli Arcade eight weeks later.

In today's excellent yourfannit newspaper (available free in the corner of all your favourite local stores, usually behind the twelve boxes of Haribo etc.) police Superintendent Chris Hogben dismissed the rampant speculation in the town, saying: 'I cannot stress too strongly that the investigations have so far shown no connection between these offences.'

Coincidentally I recently received the following anonymous email in response to a previous post about the Margate rumour mill being in overdrive:

I just read your post about the Tivoli, I know you are saying what people are thinking, but the media did actually f*ck it right up, reporting that petrol was sprayed over the machines. I can confirm this is untrue, it was a device that was left by the two spineless morons who put it there, with no thought to the school kids who were in there. Also I can confirm they didn't leave by the back doors as there aren't any (just a 20 ft drop into the back alley if they dug through a brick wall!). Police are satisfied that the Tivoli and indeed DV8 have no connection with the killing of Mr. O'Leary and as such the arson is not a result of it. These allegations have damaged the reputation to the club and to a certain extent the business too, we have sent out letters to the local press, hopefully some sort of retraction will occur, possibly too late!

As I said, you are one person saying what's on many peoples lips, and I respect your opinions, it is entirely up to you how you use this information I have provided, if at all, but I am trying to get the message out to people.

Which seems to confirm the police denial of any link. And at this point I'm going to get all public service on your ass and say that if you have any information about either of these horrendous crimes, please phone Margate Police Station on 01843 222076 or Kent Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

Click here to read police denial of crime link in yourfannit


Lucy Mail said...

I shouldn't worry about it, Dickie darling. I get emails from nutters all the time too. Though the police might want to ask him/her/it as to how he/she/it knew there were two perpetrators.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the various Thanet blogs, it's obvious that even if a certain person was not responsible for certain 'coincidental' fires across Kent, this person is certainly responsible for aiding the economic decline of Kent seaside resorts. Is that not a good enough reason to build across Kent a general campaign directed against this person's business? I'm thinking of the anti-McDonald's type of thing. Come on people of Kent, you have nothing to lose apart from your chains!