Monday, April 14, 2008

A Nasty Leak In Our Pool

40 litres of chlorine went down the gurgler at Ramsgate swimming pool this morning, according to the the BBC News website. Fortunately fire crews diluted the stuff as it leaked into the local drainage system, but I'll personally be steering clear of the green tea for the next few days just in case!


Anonymous said...

I got home tonight and ran a bath. Went off for a moment and came back to find my bath water was an eerie shade of greeny yellow (and no I hadn't been in it!)

I phoned my mate on the other side of the playboy's playground (Westgate-on-Sea, of course) and he had a similar problem.

He said some water works were going on nearby but I'm wondering if it was the dreaded chlorine filtering through the Thanet waterpipe underbelly.

Anyone else have any similar problems?


Ramskateraider said...

Having a bath in water that you've 'been' in, is actually quite good for your skin. Oddly enough, having a bath in water that someone else has 'been' in, isn't.
Never could get my head round that one (not that I'd really want to, as it'd probably leave a bad taste in the mouth)!

Lucy Mail said...

You're not that hideous twonk that I've been hooked-up with for the last week or so, are you?

I think that'd be the one that tips me towards the furry cup, if you are!

Anonymous said...

The water is still green...


Dick Rubin said...

My father managed to poison an entire village in the Cotwolds during the war. He was in the Army and was put in charge of a water pumping station for a day and told to put in whatever, 4 bits of chlorine to 15 of water, of course he got it wrong and damn near killed everyone. Fortunately they saw the funny side.

Anonymous said...

Await TDC'S response?