Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cooking Up Some Books

Following a rather cynical comment I recently appended to Councillor Green's Eastcliff Matters blog, to the effect that all the books for our new, rebuilt, super-duper library here in Ramsgate had already been bought, Jane Bex, Customer Services Development Librarian at Margate Library Thanet Gateway Plus writes:

I thought I'd answer your comment on the Eastcliff Matters website about book suggestions for Ramsgate Library. As at any KCC Library you are welcome to make suggestions of books you would like Ramsgate Library to buy. Simply fill out a 'You Choose' card available from any Library. Most suggestions are bought if in print.

Necessarily we have already bought a large number of the books which will go to Ramsgate as we need something on the shelves when we open! But this will not mean that we will not continue to buy books. We continually weed old and tatty stock and replenish with new books in all our libraries.

Thanks for putting the record straight, Jane. And in the light of past and recent events here on the Ile de Thanet here's my suggestion.


Justin Brown said...

>>We continually weed old and tatty stock and replenish with new books in all our libraries.<<

Poor old Mr Hanaford, he will be pleased to find out that he was replaced by a book, I'm sure!
Maybe I'll have to pop round and see him later for a couple of stiff ones and a shoulder to cry on.

Mitch said...

Loved your Amazon reference ! For research obviously...!!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the choice in Ramsgate is better than Margate's spanking brand new library has to suffer, it's dreadful!!

Anonymous said...

I have put in several suggestions for books and none of them have appeared as far as I know.

Anonymous said...

How about Fahrenheit 451?

Anonymous said...

From Yourthanet current issue:

A COUNCIL desk will be included
inside Ramsgate library when
building work is complete.
Thanet council will set up a desk in the
building to deal with enquiries which will be
open longer than the library itself.
The move has echoes of the Thanet
Gateway Plus scheme which meant the
usual front desk in the council offices was
shut and reopened in Margate library nearby
– albeit with what the council says are
improved and increased services.
A council spokeswoman confirmed the
desk will be installed, but could not detail
what services it would provide.
She said: “Thanet District Council is planning
to have a desk which will deal with council
enquiries. The finer details of which services
will be delivered have not been agreed yet.
“It’s necessary to have a desk in there to
improve accessibility for our customers and
it will have longer opening hours.”
Much of Ramsgate library was destroyed
by fire in 2004 and the rebuild is ongoing.
The plan has prompted criticism from
some in Ramsgate.
Michael Child is the owner of Michael’s
Bookshop in Ramsgate and a user of library
He said: “I reckon the last thing anyone
wants in a library is anything that is a distraction
from the libraries purpose.
“It’s an arts and leisure facility and TDC
operating from within it is the equivalent to
KCC operating from within the Turner
Contemporary or HMG from the British
library. The council have forgotten that it is
us, not they, that fund the library service.
“I have been assured by the library staff
there will only one TDC enquiry desk staffed
by one person. To my mind this is one desk
and one person too many.”
He added: “I’ve been in Margate library
since the Gateway scheme opened and it’s
ruined it completely.”
Cllr David Green said: “If the disaster at
Margate library is a taste of things to come,
the last thing I want is a TDC desk in there.”

Anonymous said...

Among the many complaints about the new library in Margate is that it's impossible to find a seat. If you want to browse through a book due to the number of benefit claimants waiting to be seen there are no spare seats. Apparently the younger library staff like the fact it's busy and lively but many of the customers have decamped to other, more peaceful branches.

Anonymous said...

Is there a library in Margate?

Michael Child said...

I gather that both the council offices in York Street and the tourist information office are to close and that they both are to be replaced by desks in the library.

Eastcliff Richard said...

I hate to say I told you so, but you could have read the yourthanet story on my blog last November.

Click here to see what I wrote back then.

See, I told you so!

Anonymous said...

Dont accept sweeping generalisations about how the staff feel in Margate Gateway.....

Anonymous said...

The comment about the younger staff quite liking the new arrangement came from a library staff member -perhaps trying to justify the mess it's become. If it's not true, fair enough.