Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Kent Believe It!

Chatting with my old TV chum Nigel Dacre (Project Director of KCC-funded Kent TV) last night over a few glasses of the good stuff, I increasingly came to realise that I've been getting it wrong by banging on about what a waste of council taxpayers dosh KCC's internet TV channel is. In fact Kent TV really is a splendid organ, and well worth the £1.6m we've all invested in it. Keep up the good work!

Erm, actually I think I might still be a little bit tipsy.


Ramskateraider said...

We should go out for a drink together sometime.
I've got a few pretty good ideas to run by you about easing the effluence of affluence of someone who's easily influenced under the influence of alcohol.

Anonymous said...

You must have known this anyway.
Accornding to the KCC's The Strategic Development Unit's annual review, Kent TV is being relaunched in May.
I wounder if the cost of this was in the original £1.6 mill.

The same doc also says that the publics views were sampled at the county show in July 2007. I think they may have spoken to the Little Britains PC repairing horse.


Anonymous said...

we supped in the wine bar till twenty to one

Till I saw the virtue of Kent TV's run

Betjeman, Betyerarse, Betyerayepisht,

A reliable fellow all of the time

for proper poetry where the end wordies rhyme

When you are as pisht as I was last night

You need a rhyme to get the f-cking words right

Where is the coffee

Ian J said...

Yet another wonder of KCC, an organisation that has never heard of F'anet and thinks the world ends at Tonbridge.

Don't even try to explain to the KCC that this TV thing is just a waste of money, they have already decided the result of any public consultation, enquiry, meeting or other public forum.

But it seems this is the normal procedure with KCC, they decide what they think is best, and then pretend to hold consultations.

If you want an example of closed minds you need look no further than your local KCC councillor, don't bother asking him anything, he's already made his mind up.

tony flaig bignews said...

That's right you and your fellow media luvvies, know that money talks and bulsh*t walks.

Hooray for principles!

Eastcliff Richard said...

No you're alright there Tone. I've sobered up now.