Friday, April 04, 2008

The Red Cliffs Of Ramsgate

Reader Roger writes:

What with the ongoing work on our crumbling East Cliff here in Ramsgate, and the large number of parakeets that inhabit the area, I have been inspired to re-write the lyrics of that old, wartime classic The White Cliffs of Dover. I enclose some sample verses. Would you be able to pass them on to your old showbiz pal Dame Vera Lynn?

There'll be green birds for sure mate
On the Red Cliffs of Ramsgate
Just you wait and see

There'll be crap apartments
Small as railway compartments
Just down by the sea

There'll be builders' lorries
And more dog borries
Just you wait and see

Hmm. Not sure it's quite the thing for Vera, but I'll run it by her.


Lucy Mail said...

Maybe Bob Dylan would like a stab at it, though it is bordering on Leonard Cohen material.

Anonymous said...

Dylan might sing

From ECR (jokes by Frank Muir), came a message sweet and pure, satisfaction was for sure, with Lucy Mail.

She had pursued a man named Hunt, and overrun him in a shunt, Oh what a shame it's not James Blunt, thought Lucy Mail.

Now down in Ramsgate's evening scene, she is the undisputed queen, makes all the bad boys there come clean, in Lucy Mail.

Anonymous said...

How about:

There'll be no more dodgems
Just builders' bodge 'ems
In Ramsgate
Down there by the sea

Michael Child said...

Only in Thanet could they repair a huge concrete wall with dodgy or non-existent foundations by starting at the top. It’s still all sitting on a little mound of earth that no one seems to want to investigate click here for pictures of it yesterday, after alerting the chief engineer he told me it was all quite safe so I went down there and took a photograph and poked a stick into mud under the wall when I sent him my findings his reply was the only area without foundations was the bit where I had poked the stick in.

Not Shakespeare! said...

The townsfolk will soldier on
Whatever the aches and pains
Despite arson, graffiti and drugs
The Dunkirk spirit remains

Anonymous said...


I was a tyre fitter when the Electricity Board opened its new facility at St Peters mid 70s.

I was on site the day they had their opening ceremony.

And I saw this Electricity Board guy rushing about carrying a camera.

He was taking photos at their vehicle refuelling area.

I asked if he was photoing to record that the underground fuel tanks and forecourt were on the lowest point of fall on the site with no sign of drainage.

I also mentioned the lighting being lower than the height of some of their vehicles.

"I can't be bothered with this" he sniffied, "I am photoing the ceremony"

So I went home and wrote to the Eectricity Board boss about his sniffy toady manager and suggesting that he get someone to take a look.

By the time I had a nice reply, informing me that contractors had been called back to site and that I was correct and thanking me for my observant skills, I was on site watching a fuel delivery and staff having to bale out the access pits.

Trust your mark one eyeball.

in Thanet you never know if the "experts" got their qualies "Courtesy of Cyril".