Monday, April 14, 2008

Under Pressure?

Amidst all the horror and anger following the arson attack on Dreamland's Scenic Railway a week ago, one small but seemingly important detail has been lost. According to Kent Fire and Rescue Service 'the biggest problem was that the water pressure around that area is very poor and it took a long time to get water onto the fire'.

If it hadn't been for the brave efforts of the boys in brown, who managed to put a fire break in the coaster, 'the whole thing would have gone'. Apparently insufficient water pressure was also a factor in the Ramsgate Library fire of 2004.

Now call me old fashioned but you would imagine that, for an island with such a smoky history, things like having enough water to put out fires would be something we'd have, er, on tap around here. There again, with the increasing number of developments being built due to our growing reputation as a property hotspot, perhaps it's inevitable that the best we can manage is a bunch of drips.


Millicent said...

It was already a problem in 1915 when Dame Janet paid for Ramsgate's first motorised fire engine so they have had nearly a hundred years to put it right!

Anonymous said...

Yet another factor that i would have thought would have a bearing in response times and fighting arseonist fires is that one has to get from a to b...or there is also that old standby going by sea.

Perhaps the Fire Brigade should invest in a Sea tug that they used to fight fires in the Blitz...ahh those where the days.

Anonymous said...

Surely the traffic chaos at Westwood X where the fire station is must be a factor in delaying the response to these fires?

Ramskateraider said...

Is an arseonist someone that interferes with their own arse?
Surely that would be an arseonenist?
Quite prevalent among the track-suited, hoodie chavs that you see around town. That and tugging on their little willies like something is constantly nibbling at them.
Maybe some kind of personal hygene programme would be in order?