Monday, April 28, 2008

Wanker Row Rumbles On

Blogging matters were far from my thoughts yesterday, as I spent much of it sunning myself accompanied by my fiancée, the lovely Mrs Ceaucescu (no relation), and a couple of bottles of the good stuff. But it appears that, in my absence, one of the parties in the Famous Fannit F*cking Tosser/Wanker debacle has appended a lengthy diatribe against our glorious Tory leader's behaviour that shameful night back in April 2007 in the comments section to the post below. Labour Councillor Hart writes:


Cllr. Ezekiel

A year of high-level investigations is now over and I write to demand an apology for your aggressive and abusive behaviour at the Mayor’s Retiring Ball.

By your own evidence, you accept that you shouted vulgar abuse at me in a failed attempt to goad me into becoming involved in a fight. That was absolutely appalling behaviour, especially coming from a District Leader at a civic event.

Instead of phoning me the next day to apologise, you then deviously set about ‘slinging mud’ in each and every direction in order to cover your own shortcomings. The most serious aspect of these actions was to make spurious and malicious allegations to the Police against me, which were extensively investigated and thrown out by the Crown Prosecution Service, the Police and finally, the Standards Board for England.

You knew only too well, that due to your senior position, your bogus allegations would have to be thoroughly and exhaustively investigated by senior officers whose valuable time would be wasted.

If you still refuse to apologise to me, you certainly should, at the very least, apologise to the female staff and guests at the Winter Gardens who were forced to witness your outburst of aggressive behaviour and loud yobbish ‘gutter’ language.

As the District Leader you should also apologise profusely to all the decent residents of Thanet, especially ratepayers and taxpayers, for wasting a whole year of time, energy and resources of our local Police and other agencies with your spurious and malicious allegations.

Cllr. Clive Hart (TDC and KCC)


At the Mayor’s retiring ball last April, Councillor Doug Clark who had just completed a busy year of engagements representing Margate, was the victim of an unwarranted, brutish and disgusting verbal assault from a man who at the time would not have been in a fit state to tie his own shoelaces. Councillor Ezekiel, having been restrained by a number of concerned and horrified people, including his own wife and the deputy mayor, then turned his attention to another TDC member, in an attempt to goad him into a fight. This disgraceful conduct was subsequently reported to the Standards Board for England. On learning of this fact Ezekiel then made a complaint to Kent Police, concocting allegations that were clearly intended to mitigate his own culpability. These were fully investigated and found to have no foundation. The second part of the attempted damage limitation exercise, concerned spurious claims of months of racial harassment, based on a shorthand entry in the Mayor’s diary and a query regarding the Council Leader’s religion prior to a Civic service.

The claim that Cllr. Doug Clark, a senior East Kent Magistrates Court Chairman and a JP of 27 years standing is in any way racist is ludicrous. Aside from the fact that his former wife is herself of the Jewish faith, Councillor Clark has for many years provided accommodation in his house for hundreds of students from every corner of the globe. This pillar of the community, who spent last Christmas day in Cliftonville, cooking dinner for the homeless, has now had his good name besmirched on the front page of a newspaper by a man, who is so out of touch with contemporary morality that he can conduct himself at a public function, exactly like the foul mouthed yobs he has complained of at public meetings. Anti social behaviour coupled with hypocrisy was then followed by false allegations to the police, wasting hours of their time. To say that I am disgusted, would be putting it mildly. Thanet needs and deserves much better leadership, Ezekiel should resign forthwith.

Cllr. John Watkins (Margate Central Ward TDC)

I have no way of actually verifying that this missive is from Councillor Hart, but it would seem likely. And, of course, in the interests of balance I must add that I've had no communication from our glorious Tory leader putting his side of the story. So, Sandy, if you're listening, would you care to comment? And please, if you do, keep it clean.


Anonymous said...

Oh, well that's clear then. C'mon Sandy old man, if we don't hear your side we'll have to assume this is the truth of the matter.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the parties to this ridiculous nonsence, and I mean all of them, are aware of the massive damage they are causing to the very people they represent.

They were NOT put there to score schoolboy points against each other and damage their respective political parties in the process, but to represent every resident of Thanet. How on earth do they think that their antics are going to benefit the area.

Unfortunately, Thanet has a history of poor representation which is one of the reasons that we are in the state we are. Local politicians can shout from the rooftops that everything is wonderful, but best part of 130,000 residents could tell them otherwise. Our town centres are nearly dead, we have huge social problems, and there are storm clouds on the horizon which will inflict even more pain.

For the sake of the people you represent PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop this ridiculous bickering, get on with the job, or get out.

And what the professional officers, and contrary to some views there are some within TDC,
must be thinking, god only knows.

Finally, an public apology or two wouldn't go amiss.

Anonymous said...

For god's sake put your handbags away ladies and get on with what we elecetd you to do.

Anonymous said...

Are you surprised that a large number of voters stay home during election times? When I canvass for my chosen political party I get 'They're all the same. Bunch of wa**ers/crooks. Out for themselves. What have they done for me/my family/ the area etc?'

I've been at election counts and seen Sandy Beach and his cronies swanking round as tho' they own the place, trying all the time to score pathetic points off the other parties. Bunch of schoolkids.

If Sandy was so bothered about the alleged verbal racial abuse why didn't he do something about it months before the Ball? He's an adult, not a bullied schoolboy.

Anonymous said...

Our town centres are a disgrace; the litter lies for weeks in the streets;the parking fees are outrageous; the Tories are planning to sell off anything they can from their assets; the developers seem to be taking over every little corner of land etc. Complete as you see fit and then tell me why the Leader wasted public money on this whole fiasco.