Monday, November 24, 2008

Pushing The Boat Out

On my morning toddle down to the Costcutter for my copy of Gra*ia (oh what glittering lives us celebs lead), I noticed the RNLI lifeboat was in serious trouble off the Haribo coast, just beyond Wrigley Rock, south of the Trident Sands. Yes, I'm talking about the charity lifeboat that I customarily pop any loose change in.

It's now in serious danger of turning turtle, due to the weight of 'Herbal V' it appears to be carrying on its deck. The noxious looking sachets promise 'sexual pleasure for men' and seem to offer a whole new way of, er, 'launching the lifeboat' for the older male. To be frank, I felt like telling them to stick their Herbal V, and the rest of the sugary crap that's overwhelmed the RNLI box, up their arses. But then, I'm far too polite. And I guess they know what their customers want to splash out on better than I do!


Eddie said...

I asked the shoppie if the stuff worked - 'well, I'm on my second box so it works for me'.

Fair play.

Lucy Mail said...

Sound like quite the den of eniquity, to me. The best you can hope for in the corner shop, in the middle of Victoria Road is someone behind the counter, scratching their nuts at you!
I may have to switch venues!