Tuesday, November 18, 2008

On A Whinge And A Prayer

Just a quick reminder that you've only got until 19 December to respond to Infartil's Daft Bastard Plan to expand RAF London Kent Ramsgate Manston International Airport into a monster 15 times the size of Heathrow. Well, maybe I'm exaggering a bit there, but if you don't complain now, then don't complain when you're being woken up several times a night by A380s roaring feet above your cliff top mansion. Questions you might like to ask are: 'Will the airport, TDC or KCC compensate me for the blight and devaluation of my property?' and 'How much in grants will you be handing out to people under the flightpath for double-glazing and sound proofing?'

To facilitate your moanings, I've put a link to the consultation feedback form in the sidebar on the right. And if you're too lazy to go there, then here it is again. Unfortunately the site seems to detect repeat visits, so there's no opportunity to spam it with multiple whinges. Unless you have a large array of different web browsers like me, of course, in which case it'll happily accommodate you ad infinitum!


Anonymous said...

Why are they expanding it when it is so under used?

steve said...

the master plan is more a "jim, please will you fix it for me" list. This is what they want to do. FTo get the funding to do it , they will first have to drum up some business.

They believe it can be a rival to stansted. Anyone who gives a toss about Ramsgate should look up on the history on how stansted started, what was promised on flight times, passenger restrictions etc. It started very much like this, small beer, then bigger and grander ideas.

The diff with stansted is there weren't 4 other London airports in place and well developed.

Filling in this form and telling them you oppose it and why will be a good start in letting them know its not wanted.

KCC and TDC currently think Ramsgate residents like the airport as we don't complain.

We have to start complaining.

Tony said...

Maybe they don't complain because they DO like the airport.

Anonymous said...

This may be the only time you will ever see Manston busy. An 'EUJet' flight sim for sale on eBay.

'Set the traffic setting to 100% and see Manston airport come alive with EUJets and Boeing 747 Cargo jets.'!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nobody likes the airport

steve said...

for completeness (and tony) I should point out you can tell infratil you love them as well on the feedback form

steve said...

has anyone read the comments from paul carter, boldly stating that boris has been put off the idea of a new estuary airport after he told him about manston?

Carter released a press statment saying as such;

“I had a very good meeting with Boris Johnson last week and hopefully on Friday we’ll be issuing a joint press release which will bury this idea of an estuary airport until such time as we’ve looked at all the airports in the South East and putting Manston firmly in the pot as a location that really wants aviation growth

boris quickly followed with one denying it -

“I am baffled by this account of my meeting with Paul Carter and other regional leaders.

“I certainly am not scrapping the idea of looking into a Thames Estuary Airport..."

£50mm of our hard earned down the swanny, and he can't even get the minutes of a meeting correct.

vote of no confidence, anyone?

Tony said...

Steve, for information, as I've stated before I'm niether for or against the airport, so I wouldn't be signing either way. It's unfounded comments such as anon 9:06 AM that irritate me.

Anonymous said...

I was very dissapointed when they stopped the cheap in Country flights. I was actually ablt to visit my brother the 1st time for 21 yrs as the cost of getting to Newcastle by road or train was well out of my budget range. It actually cast me less then getting from Thanet to Canterbury, then the air line wenr bust. It is a shame we do not expand the airport to some extent as if you can afford to go on a holiday you can add at least £140 to get to Heathrow/Garwick and back before you even start. I di not appose it completely but I don't think it should be on quite so alrge a scale.