Sunday, November 16, 2008

Soup To Nuts

Dining with a celebrity chum at one of London's more fashionable restaurants last night, I couldn't help but notice that one of the salons had been reserved for an inaugural dinner attended by the recently appointed Anthea Turner Centre bigwigs. After they left, I managed to sneak in and snaffle one of the menus. Here's what Gordon had cooked up for them:

Half-Cockaleekie Soup

Carpetbagger Steak
Minted Burghers
Coq-Up Au Vin
Lily Liver And Onions
Porky Pies
Pizza Vettriano

All served with:

Monster Mash
Half-Baked Beans
Walpole Salad

Multi-Storey Parkin

Tracey Ementhal
Hard Cheddar
Sour Grapes
Assorted Nuts

Coffee with biscuits and a collation of sweetmeats, including:

Jammy Dodgers
Millionaires Shortbread
Kentish Fudge
Margate Cinder Toffee



Anonymous said...

Surely in keeping with the fine traditions of the Turner centre, they should have booked the restaurant, and then turned up to discover that it had not been built.
They could then spend nearly all their dinner money sueing the contractors and with what is left buy a bag of pork scratchlings. I suggest washing them down with Thanet cyclohexhane spring water, the only spring water that can bleach underwear whiter than white..

Anonymous said...

The persistence of your (and those of your fans) attempts at humour to derride all the positive factors that are coming to Thanet are the sign of sick and pathetic minds. Good job you aren't clever enough to any influence.

Anonymous said...

4.21, two things

1. Learn the English language, "Good job you aren't clever enough to any influence". You'r sentence makes no sense!

2. All the positive things coming to Thanet ????

Anonymous said...

Sick and pathetic maybe, but we can proof read our copy 4.21pm I think you have left out a have at the end of your missive, and a comma in there somewhere would be good.
Two out of Ten very poor, see me after class.

Rick said...


I am a fan of your wordsmithing.

Your words often cause me to laugh.

Ergo Your attempts at humour succeed and hence "Attempts at humour" would be something of an oxymoron.

A pathetic person would be one who lacks the application of spirit necessary to be persistent. So "Persistence are (sic)the sign of sick and pathetic minds" would also be an oxymoron.

Good job you are not clever enough to have any influence ? My view is that you are both clever enough to have influence and to leave anon 4.21 unaware of it.

I think you should start a fan club.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see that somebody from Thanet council works on a Sunday.

4.21 is well served by the local press and Thanet Matters, if he/she wants to read relentlessly positive , and mainly untrue stories , about Thanet's new dawn.
I love living here but it is controlled by a ship of fools ,who have no idea what to do for the Island's future, and greedy estate agents who want to have every one believe that it is the new Whitstable.

In the time I have lived here I have seen a succession of museums and galleries shut which with a bit support and vision could have survived .
So 4.21 I cannot get very excited about the Turner, and I am someone who works in the Arts, so what chance the rest of Thanet being bothered.
If ECR pokes some lighthearted fun at it's expense at least we get some use out of it .

Anonymous said...

Who can we vote for who will scrap the Turner project? Seems to me that everyone standing for election is in favour of the shite elephant.

steve said...

check out bbci player for what our glorious kcc leader wants for us - a future under a flight path

Tom C said...

There is a level of skeptism on here and I feel that attacks on 4:21's grammatical errors are insignificant against what he actually wishes to establish in his comments, i.e. the derision of all the positive factors that are coming to Thanet. I have not seen so much interest in Thanet for 45 years, I was born here. Within the space of a few years we have a new and serious airport operator with a succesful track record, a major greenhouse development unlike any other in the UK or even Europe, interesting alternative power solutions centered on Ramsgate, a new Art Centre that takes away some of the monopoly of seaside tourism which we all know is seasonal and poorly paid (on that note go to Brighton and see the number of banks and credit card companies with offices there, a friend of mine works in a credit card's company office and earns £30K p.a.). We are seeing the new China Gateway appear and other investment at the Loop in Manston. We also have a new and well stocked shopping centre, none of the High Streets and businesses in them ever made much attempt to tidy up and make themselves attractive to investment and visitors, instead of local people going to Canterbury many go to WWX and I have friends in Deal, Dover, Folkestone and beyond who visit it and other parts of Thanet as a result. The area seriously needs businesses other than seasonal poorly paid ones the holiday trade offered. This is the same holiday trade that I have never seen grown but merely diminish and the same one that has only really ever taken and not put much back. Just because there are problems some people grind their political axes and follow other agendas and seem unable to comprehend that what makes us who we are is our ability to overcome problems and I don't deny they exist but civil engineering, commerce, politics and negotiation can go a long way to solving them. Other interesting factors have been the revival in the old town area of Margate, the work carried out on the Jetty. I visit the gallery in the M&S building with my daughters and if you haven't been in there you should try. We spent a rainy afternoon recently making sculptures from broken pottery, I hadn't done that since I was at Junior school 35 years a go, great fun and I'm not really Arty! On schools, we are seeing some of the older schools rebuilt and some fabulous resources being made available. A recent visit to one of our local High Schools for my youngest daughter's placement left me glad she wanted to go there! I hope 4:21 carries on posting, maybe water down the personal attack comments as people will attack you for them which is easier rather than debating what you really want to establish, I know its frustrating! All the best!

Anonymous said...

Tom C needs to be reminded that WWX does not re-circulate money in Thanet as small high street local businesses do and that each week a vast amount of money drains away from this Island's economy. Tom C might also like to consider the advice given to TDC by an ibdependent planning inspector concerning re-generation of Margate in 2004. He identified the key site as Dreamland and not only did TDC ignore his recommmendations but have since spent £40,000 of tax-payers money putting security fencing around a burned out scenic railway which surprise surprise Waterbridge (Godden et al ) will not pay back. TDC has past form in writing off debts owed it by J Godden. Thanet has a great future as a visitor tourist area if there was anything worthwhile to visit in addition to beaches; and an all weather state of the art visitor complex on Dreamland is the key and always has been. TDC has neglected this apect in a criminally negligent way. As for China Gateway, are you serious?

Anonymous said...

Judging by the posts there is a lot of passion and concern about the future of Thanet from several different view points.
For my part I think the Thanet Earth project is a real bonus in terms of forward thinking and employment . I do however feel that anything the council become actively involved in, is usually ill concieved ,and dubious in terms of benefit for anyone other than their own group of close associates.
This perception might be wrong, but the council do nothing in terms of PR to make me feel otherwise. Their leader is a walking disaster , dim and embarrassing, anywhere else in the country the fellow councillors would have kicked him off months ago.
Is it any wonder that people's first response to any news coming form the council is one of complete distrust and cynicism .
One of the most positive factors for Thanet is a lot of younger professionals moving in , for good schools and a beautiful environment . They will open businesses and hopefully stand as independants at the next council elections,then we might get some change

Tom C said...

10:31, I suggest WWX does assist to recirculate money in the economy, as I stated earlier visitors from further afield visit Thanet to shop there and I also know they venture elsewhere into Thanet and spend money in resturants, bars, coffee shops etc. The shopping centres based around the High Streets in Margate and Ramsgate were always dirty and lacked any decent choice. There is a niche for small shop owners offering specialist shopping services on the High Streets in Thanet, change will not happen overnight, especially now with global recession. I agree with you regarding your comment 'and an all weather state of the art visitor complex on Dreamland is the key and always has been.' Not the whole key though and I would venture away from an Amusement Park, there are of course other areas such as the Old Town Quarter and Jetty and eventually the Art Centre. I'd like to see an indoor swimming pool on the old Lido Pool site, along the lines of an Indoor beach. Re' China Gateway, yes I'm serious so long as Civil Engineering solutions can be made available to deal with sewage etc.