Wednesday, November 05, 2008

O'Barmy Army Romps To Victory

Well really, there's not much point continuing with my 24 hour poll as the result in the US has been a landslide for Barack Obama. For the record, here's how Thanet voted up to this point:

Question: Who do you want to win the US election?

Senator O'Barmy: 68% (26 votes)
John McCain's Oven Chips: 15% (6 votes)
Mayor McCheese: 15% (6 votes)

A deserved and momentous victory. Although personally if I have to listen to him banging on about 'change' one more time I'll probably go spare. That's a point - do you think if we could find someone round here to campaign for change, we'd actually get it?


Anonymous said...

and now the world is a safer place, unless of course the buffoon in the White House manages to accidently tread on the nuke-clee-are button,
still only 77 days to go and counting,,,,,

Lucy Mail said...

Well it would certainly bring about change if they did, 4:42.
We've reduced congestion on the roads, solved over-population and given those left alive plenty to do!
Hallelujah!!!(or should that be halal, ooh ahh)

Lucy Mail said...
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Anonymous said...

Good news for Manston methinks!!!

Anonymous said...

Manston...good news for Obama.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how many secret servicemen will be guarding him?

Also, does he get paid from when he won the election or in 76 days time?

Can we expect a memoir from Bush? That would be hilarious.

Do any black or mixed race people come here or is it mainly people who look like Mccain / Alan Poole /David Green?