Friday, November 07, 2008

Royal Sands Of Time

Reader Kevin writes:

Has anyone else noticed the similarity between the Pleasurama site on 11 October 2006, the day Thanet Council leader Sandy Ezekiel announced the Royal Sands development, and the way it looks today? Should I ask Terence Painter for my deposit back?

11 October 2006

7 November 2008

That really is enough lookalikes now - Ed.


Anonymous said...

The Heras fence on the clifftop has gone!!

Anonymous said...

I would complain to Trading Standards about a 'con' if you have been foolish enough to part with some spondoolicks!

Anonymous said...

what sort of idiot really believed that they was likely to be some luxury pleasure palace built there. This isn't the 19th century you know, this is the arse end of kent at the end of an economic cycle. It was as likely as Sandy Ezekiel dancing from of his front door on Christmas day and giving money, geese and hugs out to all the urchins of Cliftonville.

It's just old fashioned slight of hand. Where do the likes of Painter and the other local oily scum we call estate agents make most of their money? Seeling houses.

What sort of things bumps up the demand for and the price of homes? A belief that prices are going to continue to rise or 'go through the roof when we get the fast train, wind farm, investments from China or xanadu-like hotel complexes or whatever crap the gulliable fools are swallowing this week.'

I'm not saying the Painter and son delibertely lied to inflate the prices of some dodgy old damp flats and houses they wanted to sell to some idiot buy-to-letters, half-educated 'investors' with no idea about markets, self-deluding 'artists' moving from London or dim-witted locals who over-stretched themselves insanely... but contant PR about such 'projects' cetainly made them money, as it did the other local estate agents and developers who like to cosy up to certain tory councillors.

My prediction is that you will be able to buy a 2 bedroom place in Ramsgate for less than £50,000 by the end of next year.

Anonymous said...

Yes anon but cyclohexanone in the aquifer. FOI Requests re Thor Chemical contamination incidents. Queries about anthrax burials at Haine. The threat of total gridlock and further water contamination if CGP starts construction. The queries about Pfizer pipe and weld integrity. The possibility of epidemiolgical study into matters like the disproportionate number of young adult aneurism sudden deaths.

And giving someone fifty grand for a two bed pad may be way over the top.

Anonymous said...

If for example a circular letter to every conveyancing solicitor informed them of the Sericol situation etc then they would be duty bound to include it in client searches.

The same circular to the major building societies to be copied on to their valuation surveyors.

Could do a bit of damage to house sales and prices in Thanet.

Probably worth a try anyway.

Anonymous said...

They've just realised anything built there will be under water in 10 years.

Michael Child said...

While the architects remit remains to fit a five story building in a space only big enough for a four story building I don’t think much is going to happen.

Anonymous said...

If you make the storeys the right height for Tiny Tel and get him to do the veiwings it should fit five floors.
A bit like that scene in ,"Being John Malkovich"

Anonymous said...

So am I right in thinking that it maybe time to setup up a group to start looking into this Sericol spill? and to take legal action IF indeed there has been some sort cover up or risk to public health.

There are fair number of people I know who are not impressed by this situation and how it seems to have been handled.

What else are they not telling us?

Anonymous said...

what they are also not telling you is that early in the 20th century chemicals and radiation was deliberately released on the unsuspecting people in east kent, just as in Norfolk.

The effects may have had the effect of reducing the intelligence of local people.

It may be a bit late to complain about this but it's worth looking into.

Anonymous said...

anon 12:20 AM why would you want to do that? Arent things hard enough already for those of us trying to sell in this godawful place?

steve said...

8:40pm. make that £25k is the airport gets permission to run 6mm passengers a year