Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hammer Blow To Granville?

I say! Those cads at the council appear to be refusing to chuck a 10G lifeline to our luxury Granville Theatre and Cinem here on Ramsgate's trendy East Cliff! According to the local red top, the trust which took over the venue last year is short of folding. But despite a request for a rent holiday, they've received a terse 'Niet!' from the heartless apparatchiks at the TDC politburo.

If the Granville closes, that'll take the number of cultural venues here in the Millionaires' Playground down to a big fat zero. Let's recap:

Pleasurama - gone
Motor Museum - gone
Maritime Museum - gone
Casino - gone
Model Village - gone
IOTA Gallery - gone
Cinemas - gone
Pooland - gone. Although that place was, in all fairness, a bit shit actually.

What kind of a Millionaires' Playground is this anyway? I suppose at least the library, which had gone, is due to return any, er, year soon!

Click here to read full story in Thanet Times


Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with the Granville but an even more interesting story would be if you or someone else here looked into the recently leaked BNP membership list and named and shamed all those members from Thanet. You may or may not be surprised by the number of people and ID of some on the list.

Anonymous said...

Pleasurama - Ermm didn't that go years and years a go?
Motor Museum - gone. Should've rebranded and relaunched.
Maritime Museum - gone, would've been nice to stay.
Casino - gone to WWX, couldn't afford it anyway.
Model Village - gone - and....
IOTA Gallery - gone. Where was it?
Cinemas - gone, about 30 years a go, keep up.
Pooland - gone. You said it.

Anonymous said...

08:09 just found this on Yahoo Answers, some guy was asking where to find a list:

Anonymous said...

also on wikileak

Anonymous said...

You could get ECR in trouble putting linkies on his blog on this.

But there can be no harm in a link to League of Saint George and the links they publish

Anonymous said...

And The Wiki entry featuring some, IRA supportive, League of Saint George Thanet names there

Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot the Thanet blog rules.

When anyone mentions an IRA suportive group in Thanet we all sneer and act like we know best.

But the BNP (who allegedly expelled members who got involved with allegedly IRA supportive right wing groups) should be "Named and shamed" ?

Little whiff of the Thanet hypocrisy here team.

Granville could diversify into mini Nuremberg rallies as there might be a market in Thanet for that.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Eastcliff Richard said...

I am grateful to you anon 12:40/12:44/12:50 for publishing this list, as the original blog with the leaked names appears to have been deleted.

All I can say is, if this list is correct, 'What a bunch of execrable tossers.' No irony or humour intended there, just pure bile!

Anonymous said...

I remember when there were two cinemas and one theatre in Ramsgate (came here in 1971). Both cinemas went years ago and there wasn't a cinema until the Granville was converted to make two screens some years ago. I thought it was a brave if risky venture to take on a facility like the Granville and am disappointed it's not succeeded.

I haven't been to the multiplex at Westwood as I prefer an independent like the Carlton but that needs a face-lift at the moment to help it compete with VUE.

Anonymous said...

why should I as a rate payer subsidise some poor old 'luvvies' who want to play at being actors?

Anonymous said...

Well anon 8:9 and the rest of you anons-it is all right for you to stay anon but not the BNP's whom by the why I abhore,just think it's Bloody hypocriticle to name and shame but you stay anon AND it has nothing to do with original post on theatre!

Anonymous said...

Oh i am sad as Trudi Kingham and the likes have worked so hard and do such a lot to improve the lot of the children in Thanet and bring some culture into the area.
I can say i have never been to vue and dont intend to out of loyalty to the other cinemas.
Hope a savour comes along like Kevin Crace at Westgate. Think there is probably more to it - the council buy M and S building and the mortgage there means there is no money for grants for other more deserving causes, why havent they had more flack about the M and S building nothing seems to stick to Teflon men!

Anonymous said...

Just read the Thanet times piece, wouldnt you have thought that for the sake of keeping one attraction in Thanet TDC would have let them off the rent of £10,000 a fraction of the amount that they pay on the mortgage for M and S building.
Chris Wells you need to rise to the challenge here like you did for the Crampton Tower museum you cant let the Tories let this go just because they havent got any councillors in Ramsgate - come on do something for the good of Ramsgate please. This looks like TDC cabinet at their most vindictive, think they tried to do the same for the skate boarding place. Let some entrepreneurs have a chance please?

Eastcliff Richard said...

Um, now that I've, er, sobered up I have, with regret anon 12:40 etc, removed those names.

Everyone has probably by now read about the leaked BNP list in the news today, and it has transpired that it might have been slightly out of date, meaning that some of those racist tossers, er, charming people may have had an epiphany by now and seen the error of their ways. Here's hoping anyway. Also there are Data Protection considerations. I would not want my puny jottings to be deleted for the sake of publishing people's personal details no matter how strongly I and others may feel about their allegiances.

However, I have kept the list for future reference ha-ha!

As for the hypocrisy of anonymity, Daisy, the convention on this blog is that people can say whatever they like anonymously, as long as it's not too personal, libelous, racist, or deemed otherwise offensive by moi. I do not see any hypocrisy in an anonymous person blowing the whistle on racist, white supremacist bastards.

Now, can we get on and discuss the future of our luxury Granville Theatre and Cinem?

Anonymous said...

Maybe ECR you are the Kevin Scrace of Ramsgate - saviour of the Granville - dont you live near it - you always have photos of places near it? You could hold blog parties (paying of course!) and we'd all come!
Thats a thought!
You can charm your mates Wise and co to allow a rent free period.
Oops forgot there is always the M and S building debt to service?

Anonymous said...

Actually the Tories have several councillors in Ramsgate including their Chair, Cllr. Kirby, his missus,Jill Kirby, Brenda Rogers, Jo Gideon who managed to insult a huge swathe of Thanet by declaring 16% of the working population is on benefit without clarifying the figure included those on other benefits like Pension Credit, Working Families' Tax Credit, Carer's Allowances etc. not forgetting turncoat Mike Taylor elected as Ramsgate First who then joined the Tories.

What has Ramsgate to offer visitors if the cinema/theatre closes?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say, and its not personal but the Granville has had its day.

Eastcliff Richard said...

P-lease! Not another rotting, run down eyesore! And this one would be virtually on my doorstep!

I would dearly love to save the old Theatre/Cinem, but to be brutally honest my assets have shrunk and my credit has been totally crunched since I moved to the Millionaires' Playground. Must be the Thanet effect.

Maybe Kevin Crace, Our Saviour of the Westgate Shed, er, Pavilion would like to run a chain of venues. Over to you Kevin.

John kirby said...

If you check with the Granville Theatre Group through Ralph Hoult, David Kingham you will find that I personally supported this activity getting off the ground and also applied for and supported funding from the Ramsgate Fund to provide help in refurbishing the diabled toilets so the vitriolic remarks about me,Jill,Brenda and Jo through one of your contributors is totally without foundation - he or she should look further than up their backside John Kirby

Millicent said...

I had hoped Ralph and Co would succeed but the endless variety shows were not really my cup of tea. I do not think the mix of events was wide enough to offer all age groups and interest groups enough choice, but Ralph has been very good at supporting local youngsters with a bit of talent and it would be sad to see it close, especially as our only cinema is there too.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if they put the 'A' back on 'Cinem'...? Worth a try.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Cllr. Kirby, no one insulted you or your fellow councillors. It's just someone said the Tories had no councillors in Ramsgate so the list of you and your colleagues was for information. Mind you, Jo Gideon did insult people on October 9th by stating 16 % of the working age population is on benefit, the implication being that 16% of us are unemployed. This is incorrect as the unemployment figure at the time was 3.6% but conveniently the local press chose to ignore me when I wrote in to state that, far being on the dole, many of the 16% are in work but, due to the low wages paid here, are receiving top-ups to bring their wages up to a government accepted level. Many of those in receipt of various benefits whilst in work can't afford to go out to the theatre having more pressing demands on their money.

Perhaps you should read the postings more carefully in future.

Michael Child said...

Interesting comment has appeared on the Isle of Thanet Gazette’s website in response to their article about the Granville Theatres financial problems. “PLEASE BEWARE THIS ARTICLE - it is inaccurate and may be the subject of legal proceedings. Fosters Law, Herne Bay and Broadstairs”

Anonymous said...

Interesting as Fosters Law is owned by the brother of Stephen Foster who has been quoted in the feature on the Granville. Stephen is part of the group running the theatre.

Anonymous said...

Just in case anyone hasn't had a chance to see which of the police, councillors, nurses, teachers etc around them and their families are racist cretins who want to 're-patriate' millions of people born in Britain, it is still available in many place online.

It's impossible to put the genie back in the bottle now now it's been on all the file sharing programmes.

Sorry Richard for butting into the Granville discussion again.

As for that, it's a shame. It's also a shame that it was being run by self-serving old duffers with as much understanding of what young people like as TDC does.

Anonymous said...

So, the Granville is closing...and the Vue at Westwood had nothing to do with it? Further proof that Westwood is sucking the life out of our towns. Who voted to build Westwood? Every single last one of our Councillors (except Frank Batt, who was the youngest Councillor and the onlyt one with a grain of common-sense). Come back Frank and lead Thanet from the valley of death.

Anonymous said...

Back to BNP one Conservative candidate at the last election briefly displayed a BNP poster in his house window, the shame of it was that we, the neighbours werent quick enough to photograph it.
A good indication of the nastiness of some of the Conservative candidates who stood at the last election

Anonymous said...

Can't find BNP list any longer - does anyone know whether any current councillors names are on the list? Just a yes or no would surfice as I have my suspicions.

Anonymous said...

the one whose house had a poster up stood for the tories but didnt get elected. Ha! Ha! although he may get selected for a safer seat next time unless they get annihilated at the next election like they deserve to!

Anonymous said...

Have you heard the one about Labour councillors listening in to cabinet and officers meeting through the wall to the room next door? What kind of deceit is that? Such desparation. Why don't those conservatives ever respond to the rubbish that they have to put up with from the other bunch? Nobody important at the council likes them. I think all the best officers would leave if the Labour people won an election. I'd be off too. I couldn't stand it if I had Iris and that awful David Green hanging around all day getting in the way, thinking they know best when they really don't seem to have anything useful to contribute except to give us the benefit of their own importance and knowledge.

And as for the former leader, he was so rude nobody wanted to work with him, and he even made one of the secretaries cry. What a bully. Certainly not a gentleman.

Sandy is a good man. He may not be clever but he really has the best interests of the residents at heart.

Anonymous said...

Nearly fell off my chair laughing at that last posting. Wonder which councillor wrote that?

Anonymous said...

The BNP list is on every torrent system in the world and takes seconds to download. May I suggest that if you download it you also do the public spirited thing and seed it, share it with friends etc.

There seem to be a disproportionate number of Ramsgate folk on there. There are also several tories on there, as you would expect.

Newsnight asked Mori to analyse the data yesterday. Interestinly the major clusters tend to be in low skilled and semin skilled, poorly educated areas.

That old twat who hangs around at the marina at night, pretending to be a security man, with a carrier bag of cheap beer, watching out 'asylum seekers' heading to Ramsgate for the sweet life of being surrounded by a bunch of lazy, drunk junkies and incompetent punch drunk carpet sellers masquerading as councillors, is on there.

Anonymous said...

No, we didn't hear about that one. How would anyone know that labour local politicians were listening at a wall if you weren't also doing the same?

Any, it's a ludicrous thing to say. Why on earth would anyone need to listen at a wall when the likes of punchdrunk sandy can't regulate his voice any more than he can control his tourettes and that bush-faced walrus Chris Wells, who comes across as being like a drunk, oblivious, pompous, humourless Brian Blessed.

Sorry Brian if you are reading but you are the only person I can think of who looks like you have a 100 decebel vagina stuck to your fat face. Well done on HIGNFY though, t'was funny as.

Anonymous said...

So the TDC officers will leave if Labour get re-elected in 2011? Good, then we can have some fresh blood in the top jobs and perhaps then the councillors might be in charge rather than the over-paid officers.Case of 'dog wagging tail rather then tail wagging dog'?

When I worked in local government it was clearly the elected ones in charge and all officers had to be accountable to them. At the council meeting on October 9th., with the exception of Ken Gregory, it was clear to me the officers were the ones conducting proceedings. Mind you, a better Chairman might have dealt differently but that perhaps justifies my comment.

Anonymous said...

Anybody who thinks that nice Sandy and his pet rottweiler finance man are rolled over by officers hasn't seen them in action.

Clearly you have no experience of any of the current top team 7:48, so your views are ill considered and irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

I'm still wincing at the Tory Councillor's suggestion that people should be going round looking up backsides! What would their gay-unfriendly MP for Thanet North say.


Anonymous said...


Dont talk down a part of ramsgates heratige - how will that help.

ive seen the mr lawes round there so they may have a plan and suvive