Saturday, November 22, 2008

Turnip Dig Set For Next Tuesday

After decades of bickering, false starts and millions of taxpayers' wonga wasted, construction of Margate's putative Turnip Centre on the Rendezvous car park site is set to begin next week. The first sod is due to be turned on Tuesday by some sod from the council, with the gallery expected to open in 2010/11/12 etc. (take your pick).

Perhaps it would also be fitting to hold a two minute silence during the ceremony to commemorate all those businesses that have set up and subsequently failed in the Arsonists' Playground on the back of broken promises from shyster, Bentley driving architects, engineers, councillors and sundry political duffers who, far from leading mARgaTe™ into a bright new, arty-farty future, have blighted the place for the best part of 15 years with their bullshit.

As for Tuesday's dig, I suspect that, like me, you'll believe it when you see it.

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Anonymous said...

A bit rich of you to be accusing Thanet's finest of blighting us with bullshit ECR. When you yourself are the master!

You are losing your touch sunshine - think you had better take another holiday?

Eastcliff Richard said...

The difference between them and me is that I freely to admit to being full of bullshit.

With them, it's just bullshit.

Do try and keep up. If you're struggling I run a correspondence course for the dimwitted. I'd be more than happy to help you out if you like!

Anonymous said...

Hoorah thisIs great news and my friends and I are going out to celebrate YES

Anonymous said...

Good news but a shame that so many other cultural facilities are being left to rot. What is the betting that in twenty years time the Turner has been transformed by TDC into yet another run down eyesore once they find they don't have the budget for the upkeep?

Anonymous said...

Twenty years is a little optomistic , I give it five years before the plug is pulled . The running costs will be enormous for very little through put of visitors.
If it not possible to keep open a Maritime museum with some really good exhibits(Cervia and other boats moored outside) then what chance an esoteric contemporary art gallery.

Anonymous said...

ECR, most of the politicians I have ever met also admit to being full of crap most of the time. That's how they get elected, by talking whatever bullshit the punter in front them wants to hear. It's part of the job spec..

At least they get paid for it, even the low lifes at TDC. But you do it for free on this blogsite.

Who's the dimwit? Do keep up!

Eddie said...

The turnip centre has indeed gobbled up bags of cash and hasn't touched us in any way whatsoever.

Meanwhile, and by comparison, Gallery IOTA has struggled through with very little funding at all yet has managed to somehow be a useful and relevant part of our local community, educating and charming children and amusing and entertaining adults.

The Turner centre is so out of touch with ordinary people, I'm afraid it's doomed to failure.

Eastcliff Richard said...

2:28pm - Yes, I bullshit. No, I don't do it for any monetary or political gain. Most people who've followed this endless stream of nonsense over the past three years will be aware of that.

Phew! I'm glad we've cleared that one up! The correspondence course, is still open, by the way, if anyone else needs a catch-up.

Anonymous said...

Talking of bullshit I notice the anonymous flying councilor is creeping back on the blogging scene with his look at how important I am crap.

anonanon said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Eastcliff Richard said...

Sorry 8:28, but it's that sort of talk that caused all the trouble back in February. Although believe me, I do understand where you're coming from.

Matt B said...

Get it right. Thanet's most interesting BS!

steve said...

Personally, I can't wait.

Contemporary Arts centre where most of the local Thanet populus will either be living under the flightpath for Londons 6th Airport, or working for it (according to exhaustive investigations by kcc\tdc).

I have visited the M&S site twice. Once I was invited to stick together some broken crockery, the other time I was bamboozled by works such as a large bin covered in fairy lights. If this is the sort of sh1t that will be displayed, it won't be for locals, who will be either driven mad by the noise or excited at the site of a complete Tumi set.

I have heard future comparisons for Margate with St Ives. I can only imagine the kerosene in the air ( of the un-pronouncable/un-spellable sh1t in the ground) has started to effect peoples touch with reality.

I hope margare regenreates. If it does, it will be nothing to do with the turner centre.

MaisieGrace said...

Tuesday is a great day for Margate. Why are so many people up their Thanet-centred backsides? If the Turner has one or two visitors from the local area then great, but primarily it will attract visitors from outside the area. This is what we desperately need!

By the way, upkeep isn't down to TDC. This is a project of national importance and (how many times do I have to repeat this) NOT FUNDED BY TDC MONEY WHICH COULD HAVE BEEN PUT TO ANOTHER USE! If Margate did not been given the Turner then it would have had nothing. Tell me, which is better?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Maisiegrace but she is wrong on one thing the ongoing upkeep will be paid for out of our council tax and how are we going to afford that when TDC are closing or running down most of our cultural facilities already?

Anonymous said...

The lions share of your council tax goes to KCC.

Lucy Mail said...

I was of the impression that the lion's share went off to Howletts.
Just goes to show how wrong you can be!

And Maisie, how many times do you have to repeat yourself?
As many times as you like, sister, it's still gonna be a load of old made-up-by-you rubbish.
Ever thought of getting a 'job' with the Gazzette?

Anonymous said...

Yes of course visitors will come from out of the area and while they are in Margate visiting a windswept gallery with little of interest they can also visit?

The dozens of closed shops, sorry as Eze-kill calls them, business opportunies!

oh and all the closed museums, and of course the derelict Dreamland.

Hi Maisie, and by the way; Cuckoo, Cuckoo!

steve said...

the lions share of our council tax goes to iceland.

Turner - is it enough? You turn up, you stare at some art for a couple of hours, then what?

Turner would be a nice bit of diversity if all that energy and money had been spent regenerating what has brought people to Thanet for over a century - the seafront and its amusements.

Something for everyone, especially kids, and not for the few who get mordern art.

It would be the perfect compliment to a dreamland heritage amusement park. But plonking a modern art centre in a town that used to revolve around an amusement park is not regeneration, but re-invention. £17 or £25million ain't going to do that.

Anonymous said...

Saying it will be like the st Ives Tate is Nuts.
Working on the basis that the demographic visiting the gallery will be south east based they will do a day trip. They will buy a postcard and a coffee probably in the gallery or just might venture

as far as cafe G. or get a bag of fish and chips.
With the Tate you are making a long weekend to week commitment, which means several meals and a B&B and a few other bits into the local economy. The Turner will not do that and its running costs that we will pay for will be very heavy.
I work in the entertainment industry and have seen several theatre companies doing great work crippled by getting a shiny new building that runs them and brings them to their knees, because getting the building is the easy bit it is funding it from there on that is the hard nut to crack

anonanon said...

Ok, my messages for the 'doc' was removed but was it passed on?

I don't know why there can't be a compromise found between those who want to transform margate into a trendy, quaint arty place attracting people with masters degrees and children called Saskia and Rupert, and those who want it to revert to be a tacky dump where chavs from south london can come and get drunk and fight.

Surely the obvious solution would be to build a giant, fireproof roller coaster, lined by works of art. What better way can there be of contemplating a turner prize winning couple of flickering neon lights than while you are upside-down, trying hold down your chips, bits and gravy while getting a handjob of some slutty bint you just met near the smoudering amusement arcade?

Anonymous said...

I'd rather support Harding, Roper, Ash, Daniel from Cafe G and the other talwarts who have hung their futures on the Turner than the bunch of loser tossers who mainly frequent this site.

I can't see that any of you can have ever contributed to anything anywhere, and your continued attempts to run down the town and the people giving it a go, without any sensible alternate contribution that is seriously fundable, show you to be tiny minded, sick in the head, and SAD, SAD, SAD.

Why not focus on the biggest scandle of our generation instead? i.e. Gordon Brown putting all our futures in hock with his "lets continue the spending binge now and pay for it later when someone else is in charge" scam.

anonanon said...

hahaha 2.33 I laughed so much at your post that my wine came out of my nose.

Hanging their futures on? Those people don't have a future, most of them are almost dead or already dead.

There really should be a word invented for the condition of being so out of touch with everybody else that you don't even know just how out of touch you are. I considered using the term psychotic but that would be cruel to those who suffer from psychosis. At least psychotics can take medicine that gives them insight, but the likes of Roger can barely listen to an alternative view without shitting himself and having a fit.

Can you not see that Margate is dead? It will never get better or return to its glory days of being a tacky shithole that poor people from London would come to when their factories closed for a week.
All that will happen once the gallery comes is a few of the sort of people who like to visit Broadstairs will venure into Margate for an anxious hour or two hoping desparately that some thieving junkie scum doesn't rob their mobile or smack them in the face.

Anonymous said...

I think I was being kind when I said people like you are "tiny minded, sick in the head, and SAD, SAD, SAD".

I think I'll just say that you are pathetic, and must have worms in your head eating at your brain.

Anonymous said...

Yes, cos what we want making long term decisions for thanet are pompous old men with flacid dicks who are likely to die in the next few years.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Lorks, that's all getting a bit personal, ladies. Time to put your handbags away methinks!

For the record I think both views are valid as I generally sit on the fence in these matters (either the one Waterbridge erected around the Scenic, or the other one around the Scenic that TDC spent £40,000 on putting up).

Anonymous said...


Please delete 3.42pm as one is not allowed to post information or speculation about a persons health status.

It may be just some crabby fingered tory loser who masturbates over Sarah Palin and Ann Widdicombe but law still applies to him.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. Good to see this blog back to its old self.

Anonymous said...

Labour causes borrowing at 57% of GDP in 2013 and you losers are complaining about a few quid speculated on the Turnip. What a bunch of t.... you are.

MaisieGrace said...

Surely if there was enough in Margate to keep people here for a longer visit, wouldn't people seriously consider taking the couple of hours to travel here, rather than/as well as the 6 hours it takes to get to St Ives?

Not everything is up to the council. I wish people would stop being lazy and stupid. If private individuals get off their backsides and start good quality businesses in Margate, it can be made to happen. But no, many of the Thanet crew would apparently rather see Margate written off for ever.

Time will certainly tell.