Friday, November 28, 2008

Bob's Not A Turn-On

With speculation rife as to which civic dignitaries will get to hob-nob with Bob when he comes to turn on the Christmas lights in Margate tomorrow (He's still coming, is he? - Ed.), I notice the news hasn't gone down that well with online readers of the music biz bible NME. I suspect his testimonials will be glowing red hot when he reads the two comments so far, viz:

He really is the most talentless, tedious prick. Just remind us again what you're supposed to be famous for Bob, apart from being a great self-publicist?


Bob Geldof = Muppet. Along with his idiot daughter, peaches!!

Meanwhile I hear bets are being taken as to what the track-suited, pit bull tugging burghers of Margate will be chanting at the ceremony. Favourites so far are:

You're uglier than us!

Just give us your fucking money!


Bob, Bob, Bob
On, On, On
Bob, Bob, Bob
Off, Off, Off
Bob, Bob, Bob
On, Off, On, Off!

Click here to read Bob story in NME


tony flaig bignews said...

For some reason I have not myself been invited to the bash, I did want to ask him how his view on freedom might differ from that of his company ten alps who seen to adopt a tough line on remarks made about Kent tv

Anonymous said...

Quite agree with you, what has he got-- but then how many others can we mention that are in the limelight get paid a collosal amount of money and di nothing. i beleve a bath may improve his image perhaps a hair cut just to enhance the feaures a little.
I think you let yourself down by using the F word is your intellegence that bad that you can not find an alternative word which would be more befitting than a word that really means nothing in that sentence except to prove the writer is not very well educated.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Er, I was just repeating what his Holy Bobness blurted out on National TV during Live Aid all those years ago, 1:01.

Normally I print the F word thus: f*ck. Unless I can't be fucking bothered, that is.

Thanet Observer said...

After a couple of glasses of Christmas cheer, I anticipate a swearing competition between our esteemed TDC Leader and Sir Bob.

Prepare the F*ckmometer!

Anonymous said...

An interesting article on how money raised by Live Aid funded Mengistu in Ethiopia and contributed to 100,000 deaths. Do we really want a self-publicising buffoon coming from Faversham to switch on our lights? Haven't we got enough self-publicising buffoons already in TDC?

Anonymous said...

ssshh I am still dealing with the image of Geldoff surrounded by track suited locals tugging their pitbulls.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Bob's ass is big enough to accomodate both Eze-kill and Latchkey's heads at the same time?

Anonymous said...

Quite agree 7:41. David Green, Liz Green, Clive Hart, Iris Johnson, Richard Nicholson, John Watkins and Alan Poole are all self-publicising and buffoons, and should desist immediately.

The tory feeble attempst at self publicity always seem to drop the individuals concerned in the cack, so no problem there.

Talking of cack, did you hear the one abour Wells and the reason he had to give up his KCC Cabinet job?

Anonymous said...

ooo do tell