Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Does Bob Know It's Christmas Time At All?

More mutterings and mumblings have reached the old Eastcliff shell-like over Sir Gob Beldof's sudden and unexpected withdrawal from the grand Margate Christmas lights turn-on.

Sir Gob was due to perform the ceremonial switch-on this Saturday, as penance for intimating back in January that Margate was 'ugly', but had to pull out due to a last minute appointment in Qatar, according to his 'people'. Or was that an appointment to buy a new guitar? Or was he suffering from catarrh?

Er, a-n-y-hoo, it now seems that security might have been the real issue. Apparently his advisors became rather nervous over suggestions that an old-stylee lantern parade might have been held as part of the ceremony and that the former Boomtown Rats frontman and Saviour of the Third World might have had to mingle with, um, ordinary people. Which, it seems, posed an unacceptable security risk. Hence the no-show.

Meanwhile many of the decos that he would have turned on (presumably whilst surrounded by a 500 metre cordon sanitaire) have blown down in the winds we've had over the past few days. As the people who put them up didn't realise that we occasionally get a bit of a blow around these parts. Oh, and the Christmas tree has been lying on its side in the Old Town piazza for several days. And has been well and truly pissed on by the Margate twitterati over the weekend.

Happy Christmas Margate!

Update: Well, surprise surprise! Since I posted that earlier today, Sir Gob's people have announced that he will be making the onerous trip from Faversham to switch on the lights after all! He's going to do the honours at 4.30pm, just before he jets off to buy a new guitar. I presume his team are now satisfied that security will be up to his normal standard for visiting a third world country.

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Anonymous said...

Do people mean Bob Geldof KBE ?
As he'sw Irish.
Even Big head Biggles got it wrong.

Peter Checksfield said...

Sir Rat is coming after all, at least according to your old mate Simon Moores.

Anonymous said...

How come you've got everything so wrong ECR? Not only is he coming, as planned on Saturday,he is changing his own arrangements so that he can be sure to be there.

And your comments about the valiants who have tried to put some sparkle back into Margate in spite of the comments from s... for brains low lifes like you are not called for.

So crawl back into your hole and don't come out until you're cured.

Anonymous said...

6.28....I see Biggles & his hypocritical bully boys are back.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the cordon sanitare is to protect the hapless locals, from the old scruff probably being down wind of the celtic catweazle is not a nice experience

Johnny Fingers said...

Shame Bob's coming, they'd managed to interest one of the Luftwaffe Bomber Pilots who bombed Margate during the war into doing it, and incendiaries from 3000 feet is much more of a spectacle.

Anonymous said...

Strange that mingling with the ordinary folk should be so hard for Bob G KBE. I've seen him more than once doing just this on market days in Faversham, rummaging through the stalls in the quest for a bargain and rubbing sholders with the local oiks.

Anonymous said...

Given Celtic Catweazles tourettes I think keep him away from our council leader. If they spark one another off it will not be a place for small children to be listening , and parents will have to explain a lot of Anglo Saxon .

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sir Bob. Glad you can make it. Have a great Christmas.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Oooh! Struck a nerve have I, 6:28pm? You're right about me getting the day wrong, though. Bob's coming here to turn us on on Saturday, not Friday as I originally stated.

Hopefully that'll give you a bit more time to gaffer tape the lights back up and wipe the piss off the tree!

Rick said...

I wonder whether you concoct comments yourself like that of 6 28

To give you raucous material for your sidebar.

I love that "Don't come out till you're cured".

In that closet on a testosterone drip this instant ECR.

Lucy Mail said...

I wonder whether anything you ever 'think' doesn't involve some kind of conspiracy theory, (p)Rick.

I'd suggest that the 147bhp lump that you claim to have under your bonnet is pretty useless as you quite obviously can't drive for toffee nuts!

Mind the trees there, dearie.