Monday, November 17, 2008

Port Whine

With Dover due to go on strike tomorrow, what chances of me being able to pilot the old Priapus in or out of the Millionaires' Playground in less than an hour, what with all the trucks that'll be queuing for our lovely port? Still, if the lorries I'm stuck behind are half as amusing as these ones spotted by readers recently, the time will just fly by!

Click here to read more about Dover strike in yourfannitinnit
Click here to read in Lloyd's List how Dover's major customers accuse it of 'abusing its dominant position'

French fries

Dirty re: Marks


Anonymous said...

well ECR i think us TransEuropa boys did a good job of keeping your millionaires playground clear of trucks!!!!

Eastcliff Richard said...

Yes, well done TransEuropa Boys! And I wouldn't have minded a bit of congestion anyway, as I think the port and TransEuropa are great assets to the Millionaires' Playground, and any traffic you can nick off Dover is fine by me!

Hmmm. TransEuropa Boys eh? Ever thought of going on X Factor?