Friday, November 21, 2008

Beeb Man To Light Up The Town

By Isle of Thanet Gazunder Entertainment Correspondent R Slicker

Council chiefs say they are 'delighted' to have found a replacement for Sir Bob Geldof to turn on Margate's Christmas lights this year.

Sir Gob was due to perform the ceremonial switch-on on 29 November, but has had to pull out due to another engagement. The Boomtown Rats frontman was panned back in January for referring to 'the ugliness of Margate' in an edition of Kent County Council's free newspaper Around Kent. He subsequently offered to attend the lighting-up ceremony by way of making amends.

Now Thanet Council has revealed that the BBC's former Political Editor, Andrew Marr, will do the honours. 'We're delighted to have found someone even uglier than Sir Bob, and Margate for that matter, to perform this service,' said a council spokeswoman. 'However, we will be advising parents not to allow children under the age of twelve to attend unless they are accompanied by an adult.'

Click here to read Sir Gob story on BBC website

Andrew Marr - 'even uglier than Sir Bob'


Anonymous said...

Are you trying to mislead us!
According to Yourthanet X-Factor singer Ben Mills, who lives near Broadstairs, and Mark Arden from London’s Burning will instead do the honours.

Dont forget that the BBC's sunday lunch time Politics Show will be comming from Margate, subjects include the airport and the effect the Turner will have on regeneration.

And will TDC be bidding for their own Turner painting?
Sotheby's New York to Auction J.M.W. Turner's The Temple of Jupiter Panellenius, estimate 16 million dollars. Even Hastings council bought one it 2006. Well it was only £210,000.

Lucy Mail said...

Poor old Bob. My heart goes out to the fella for being berated, just for telling the truth.
Or would someone here like to bring comment integrity to an all-time low by stating that Margate is, in fact, beautiful?
Good for him, I say. I can only imagine that he made his statement in the hope that something can be done to improve the town that he, quite clearly, loves!

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of an actor who plays a fireman turning on the lights in Margate .Perhaps he could whip his hose out an douse down Jimmy Godden and Toby Hunter, just in case they spontaneously combust, what with all the excitement about their new vision for Margate

Anonymous said...

I do not know if it was that actor but one from London's Burning was exposed by the news of the screws as a drug dealer some time ago.

He would be perfect ,drugs and fires he should be given freedom of the town!.

anonanon said...


No, you are thinking of the one who played zammo 'just say, no, No!' from Grange Hill, who later became a fireman and then was filmed snorting something. But so what? Name me one person in thanet who doesn't intoxicate themselves in some way!

I want it to be bob. If not him I want Will Self to come and say something long and full of massive words which causes the crowd to have mass aneurysm.