Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dragon Gen

I'm indebted to reader Richard (great name!) for pointing me to our beloved council's application to place a 'dragon planter' on the new New Haine Road roundabout, due to open later this week.

On perusing the details, I noticed the job title appended to the drawings said: 'Martley C of E Primary School'. Imagining this may have been a local educational establishment I was unaware off, and that they had won some design competition I was also unaware of, I popped them into the old Google-iser. Turns out they're in Worcestershire. Hmm. Still, here's another clue, the plans were drawn up by a company called Hand Made Places Ltd. Who, er, turn out to be specialists in playground equipment.

Gives a whole new meaning to the old plea 'Why don't you go and play on the motorway'!

Click here for New Haine Road story on Eastcliff Matters

Click here for UK Planning Portal (application 08/1297)
Click here to visit Hand Made Places website


Anonymous said...

Would it be unfair to hazard a guess that if it was made out of carpet, the job would have been given to somebody in Thanet?.

Anonymous said...

Finally a piece of artwork that celebrates the cannabis factories that have become a cornerstone of our economy.

I think Puff as he will be come known should have a giant spliff acting as a beacon welcoming any stoners from far and wide to Thanet.

Well done TDC! or should it be Thanet Deals Cannabis.

Anonymous said...

At last a magic roundabout!!