Friday, November 07, 2008

No Difference If You're Black Or White

Reader David writes:

I am the presenter of a weekly television debate on BBC1. I have trouble telling the difference between the writer Germaine Greer and the writer Bonnie Greer, who are both regular guests on the programme. Can you give me any pointers?

Germaine Greer

Bonnie Greer

That's enough lookalikes - Ed.


Anonymous said...

interesting local facts. A few years ago Germaine had a spat with the then Guardian journo Susan Moore.
In the cat fight the mad old sheila refered to Ms Moore as having birds nest hair and fuck me shoes.

Susan Moore owns a second home in Broadstairs High street like most socialist hacks.

Anonymous said...

I think the easiest way is that Germaine has got more cash .
She has a full glass of wine and poor old Bonnie resorts to using a coat hanger to get the last drops out of the bottle. Sort yourself out love.
I heard her on the radio last week sobbing over Mr O'bamas speech. I like the guy but saying change twenty five times without saying what's changing in a faux M Luther King delivery does not make a great speech

Anonymous said...

You mean Folow-me-home-and-fuck-me shoes.

Anonymous said...

I think they're both good for Manston.

Anonymous said...

With a second home in Broadstairs it would enable her to taste the flavour of real life.

Folksie singing in the Neptunes Hall with the social workers, Hilderstone inter and intra social skills lecturers and sixth form media and drama studies tutors (with their pupils).

Grass roots people are important.

Wak fol me daddio I hold me beer jug with the handle to the front

Anonymous said...

If you are going to spend evenings on Broadstairs high street you really ought to have a pair of fuck me shoes.

Especially if you are getting on a bit, wrinkly and over-educated. You need some way to compete with all the drunk teenage girls with their fuck me eyes, tits, arses and vaginas.

Greer used to look alright until about 1962 when she got stood up one night at Cambridge and made the fatal mistake of staying home and reading some socialist feminist yogurt-weaving drivel. She'd have been better off reading some crap by dull Jane Jones

Anonymous said...

I have been to twenty shoe shops this afternoon to find fuck me shoes , but nobody has them in stock does anyone know where to get them in a size nine ?

Anonymous said...

If you are a woman with size nine feet you are going to need more than shoes to get someone to fuck you. May I suggest this new date-rape drug that women get men to ingest? It's called lager.

If you are a man with size nine feet can I suggest you get bigger shoes to fool the girls and stick a couple of socks down you pants. Then get the girl so drunk on breezers that she doesn't notice you removing the sock before she passes out after 45 seconds of sex.

Anonymous said...


Lucy Mail said...

This is more like it!
Rather than sitting at the computer, imagining what it would be like to run the World, everyone seems to be sitting at the computer, imagining what it would be like to have sex.

Much more entertaining (if no less sad).


Anonymous said...

Can I guess that 8.45 might be single? .
I am no feminist but I think his dating technique might need a little work.
Otherwise he might be facing a spell inside and big Harry on D wing has even less charm than you