Saturday, July 29, 2006

Slow Boat To Margate

I see a German fellow has just been jailed for attempting to offload a catamaran full of illegal Chinese immigrants in Margate Harbour.

I'd be the first to condemn this sort of thing. Apparently the scumbag was charging these poor people 3,000 smackeroons apiece for the trip. And, of course, he neglected to tell them that there's a whole load more regeneration going on in China than there is in Margate. Far from bringing his human cargo to a promised land where they could savour the sweet smell of success, in actuality he was shipping them to a destination which features nothing but the foul stench of failure.

But you have to admire his ingenuity. I mean, when was the last time any sort of boat attempted to moor in the Arsonists' Playground? I wasn't aware the 'harbour' there actually contained any 'water' at all these days. Had he, in teutonically meticulous fashion, fitted wheels to his catamaran, thus inventing the caravanamaran?

I think we should be told.


Lucy Mail said...

I disagree.
Much as I think, like you, that Marredgate is the poo hole of Thanét, it can be and is being restored to it's former glory.
I was there for some of the jazz festival and surprised myself by having a good time in the town.
Maybe wishful thinking but who knows, eh?

Eastcliff Richard said...

Good point, Luce. I was thinking more of the harbour, which is completely silted up and smells like a Cambodian dunny.

I'm actually quite sentimental about Margate as I got my first break in showbiz there many moons ago, as a bingo caller. What really gets on my quince is the way its been run down and neglected over the years, and the right balls-up that's been made of regeneration. I mean, the Turnip Centre was originally supposed to have opened in 2004!