Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Load Of Richards

I'm finding it difficult to blog without an 'O', but I'll try anyway.

Out and about last night, I got talking to our local hop wizard Mr Gadd, who's now practising his hoppy magic out on Pyson's Road, and doing famously by all accounts. During our chat, it was also plain that said Gadd is a bit of a fan of my blog, and was not backward in hinting that our town's anonymous blogman was known to him.

Sadly I had to put him straight, and inform him I was not the jolly chap in a 2CV who plays a guitar.

Soo! Who noods an 'O'? Blast.


Lucy Mail said...

At the mere mention of that Gadd chappie I go weak at the knees (if I concentrate hard not to picture him).
My word, he knocks out a wicked brew or two.
I did meet him once and he seemed to be terribly clever but I also had the feeling that there was something right and proper dodgy about him!
It may just have been his Sandy Beach monobrow but I'm not convinced!

oastcliff richard said...

Yos, ho doos soom to havo an impish shiftinoss about him. I'vo novor boon ablo to havo moro than a fow minutos chat with him, boforo ho's wandorod off and chattod to somoono olso.

Of courso, that's moro likoly to bo bocauso I'm actually quito a dull git without a camora in front of mo.

Anonymous said...

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