Sunday, July 30, 2006

A Bang And A Wimple

Another splendid event down on the front last night, albeit that some of the millionaires there seemed more interested in the turps than Terpsichore. Mind you, most of the time I seemed to be standing next to a holy sister in civvies whose idea of going a bit wild was to take another sip from her bottle of Volvic.

Nuntheless I did, as promised on the flyer, find myself transported to Columbia by the latino rhythm, totally unaided by any of that white powder so many of my showbiz colleagues seem to require to transport themselves further than their front room.

And I've woken up this morning as fresh as a daisy, with only a slight punny feeling marring my otherwise harmonious equilibrium.

Hats off to everyone at the Eastcliff Richpeople's Association for putting on such a splendid bash!


Lucy Mail said...

Even the horribly impoverished were having a good time. Not that they deserved to, really, as they'll be the ones to inherit the kingdom of Heaven but, it was lovely to see all the same!
I bumped into the volvic nun myself and had a little chat with her. She seemed like a nice enough woman, mad as a hatter but I find that an admirable quality in some.

Eastcliff Richard said...

And there was me thinking you were the nun.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone go the the IOTA thing?

Lucy Mail said...

I do have some pretty rough habits, all the same.
I was going to go to the IOTA b.y.o everything party but after soaking myself in Latino culture, I was bereft of gifts to offer myself when I got there.