Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Elton's John

Thank heavens for a spot of light relief. Elton's nipped over in the Lambo, as he's having his septic tank drained, and always likes to be well away from his country manor when that's happening.

I'm always impressed when I visit his place. He's got a very good eye for the subtle touches. For example, the way the ensuite music system plays 'Candle In The Wind' when you're visiting one of his many 'throne rooms'. Posh!


Dane Valley Ted said...

My spies in the Biz tell me that Mr
and Mr Dwight are into American
Football in a big way,One likes to play tackle and the other one is a wide reciever,and remember Elton is not the driver,he is the driven.

The Angina Monologues said...

Sounds a bit fishy to me. Are you sure about that?

Dane Valley Ted said...

If it sounds fishy,looks fishy and smells fishy,it is fishy.