Sunday, July 30, 2006

Carnival Knowledge

A kind of rhythmic pounding, accompanied by lots of shouting and waving, and a ringing in the ears, if the parade that's just passed the CTM is anything to go by.

What a hoot! And my erstwhile critic, The Mayor, even returned my cheery 'hello'! Ah, accepted into Ramsgate society at last!


Dane Valley Ted said...

I seem to remember rhythmic pounding and shouting and waving when I was younger.

And I think that was carnival or a similar word,Have to ponder that one for while.

Thanks for the offer of the champers,but please pass it on to a more deserving cause,
Perhaps you could give it to the Turnip centre crowd to put by for the opening ceremony,should be a good age by then


Eastcliff Richard said...

No worries Ted, I'll put it on ice in my personal cryogenic chamber for the next ten thousand years. That should be just about enough time for the world's top brains to find a cure for Moneydownthedrainium Bureaucratitis.