Friday, July 28, 2006

Going Through The Motions

Intrigued by my glimpse of Boredstares last night, and having a Victorian bathing costume handy, I thought I'd toddle over to Viking Bay for a dip this afternoon.

I wonder what that brown froth that floats on the surface of the water over there consists of? Nadgers Old Wobbly? Shredded pig bladders? Ground up txun-txuns, perhaps?


Dane Valley Ted said...

I had reason to be over at viking bay as well,
where did you hide the bathing machine?
The most colourful thing i saw was the punch and judy booth,was that you?

Eastcliff Richard said...

I thought I blended in quite nicely! Weird thing was, despite all the brown froth on the water, I overheard a conversation between a member of the public and one of the local councillors which went along the lines of:

Member of the public: "What's all this brown scum on the water then, Cllr ------?"

Cllr ------: "What brown scum? I don't see any brown scum. Brown scum? What are you talking about?"

Talk about being in denial.

By the way DVT, are you going to email your address so I can send you the bottle of bubbly for winning my caption competition? Hope you haven't taken offence at me calling you The Hairy Branflake!

Lucy Mail said...

I saw some guy beating his missus up with a big stick on the beach at Viking Bay yesterday and when a policeman came along and tried to break it up, the guy started beating him half to death too.
And then a crocodile came along and ate all the sausages.

Eastcliff Richard said...

By the way, has anyone noticed the awful state of the inconveniences in Piking Bay? The gents is closed due to dilapidation, and I had to do a considerable amount of business (following an accidental mouthful of ground up pig bladders) in the ladies. In total darkness. Not easy when you're wearing a Victorian bathing costume, I can tell you.