Thursday, July 27, 2006

Clowns Chosen For Turnip Centre

I see the powers that be have appointed those nice circus people David Chipperfield to design the new, new Anthea Turner Centre over in Arsongate.

Now that the gallery-cum-car park has been re-positioned 'onshore', I don't suppose it matters too much that everything will be housed in a large tent. Plus it'll give the ball jugglers at Margate police station somewhere nice and handy to practice their dark arts.

By the way, call me cynical and nitpicking, but when the old, new Turnip Centre was canned back in February, I thought that man with the ruddy face from Kent County Council said there would be a cost ceiling of £12m on the new, new centre, which would open in 2008. Now a figure of £15m is being bandied about, and an opening date of 2009.

Oh well, you've got to allow a few million for 'mission creep', I suppose.

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