Thursday, July 20, 2006

CCC The Difference

Phew! Finally managed to work out how to use this new Del Boy laptop I picked up in Canterbury yesterday. I opted for the Del Boy because, well, there are times when even millionaires ask themselves 'Why pay more?'.

Afterwards I stopped for a spot of lunch. What a charming city! Heaps of people everywhere, a street market, buskers, but not a discarded White Lightning tin or casually deposited barker's nest to be seen. And no sign of any nonsense 'Canterbury Is Beautiful' PR campaign, either.

It seems their amenities are run by a company called Serco, and a jolly splendid job they appear to be making of it, too. Perhaps, partly as a consequence, the high street was thriving, with a huge diversity of smart shops and cafes, all doing a roaring trade. I mean, it can't all be because the Archbish lives there, can it?

Sadly here on the Ile de Thanet, despite poaching a number of Richards from Canterbury, all our council can currently muster is a few banners imploring us to keep the place clean, and Sandy Beach's irregular rubbish rounds.

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