Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Past Their Sell By Dates

Most of the England flags have disappeared from most of the M reg Mondeos around here, but connoisseurs of collectables can still pick up a 'Believe' Mars Bar if they're quick. Rumour has it that the Slough-based confectioner has already dispatched several million 'Make' stickers to bring them up to date.

However, The Wayne Rooney Prize For Perfect Timing has to go to Samo's Pizza in Arsongate, who crammed their World Cup Special menu through the CTM letterbox on Sunday, the day after England's defeat by Portugal. 'Good Luck England! Bring It Home!' scream Samo's, in a 94th minute attempt to cash in on World Cup fever.

Or perhaps they're suggesting that there'll always be a place for the England team at Samo's, bringing plenty of pizzas to many a Thanet home?


Snailspace said...

They could name one the "Beckem Hugheey". All you favorite toppings in one giant pavement / field pizza.

Anonymous said...

Spew must be joking!