Thursday, July 27, 2006

Caption Competition - That's Enough Captions

Thanks for all the captions. I think we've had all we're going to get, especially given the sweltering nature of the weather, and the fact that everyone's gone to the beach.

All the comments were to a very high standard, I thought, but the one that tickled me most was Dane Valley Ted's: "And may I thank Victoria Beckham for extending the hand of friendship to the people of Thanet."

So if DVT, or The Hairy Branflake as he's known in these parts, would care to email me at with the address of his static caravan (I believe he's from Margate), I'll arrange for a bottle of bubbly to be delivered toute de suite.

And if anyone else has any candid shots of our local twitterati, do pop them on an email to me so that they too can be mocked mercilessly.

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