Monday, July 10, 2006

Old Brown Eye Is Back

Just before I nip out to the bank with Mr Kharkov, I ought to mention that Ram Skate Raider is back on the scene, this time with his own blog, Thanet Eye.

I expect he'll be poking Thanet in the eye frequently, and with a very sharp stick. I therefore advise sensitive, wilting types in teeny-tiny planes to plot a course around it.

Anyone, though, who likes a bit of a laugh, and isn't offended by words like 'bottom' and 'biggies', should head straight there for Ram Skate's potent cocktail of grin and tonic (with the occasional 'twat' thrown in for good measure).


Eastcliff Richard said...

By the way, forgot to credit Stardusted, and also the excellent Thanet Blog List, for sniffing the old bugger out.

Anonymous said...
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