Friday, March 05, 2010

Muddy Waters

Regular readers will know that I often tool around our lovely Royal Harbour in my captain's cap, deck shoes and brass buttoned blazer, cheerily waving my Rolex at all the salty seamen in our naval basin.

On one such occasion earlier this week, I was shocked by the amount of water in the harbour. Er, there wasn't any! I know the tides have been particularly low recently, but there was so little of the beautiful briny in the outer reaches that I'm sure it would be preferable for any craft entering the harbour to be equipped with brakes rather than an anchor.

Now I know El Presidente and his jurassic junta have initiated a costly dredging programme in the port in preparation for the arrival of LD Lines' giant superduperferry Ostend Spirit later in the month. But what about the harbour and marina? Are they preparing to turn it into yet another car park? Or has some local developer chum of theirs put down a brarn envelope deposit on planning permission for a block of luxury flats on the land that's accumulating there? Deputy Rodge is on the record as saying: 'The council is undertaking a major investment programme in the Port and the Marina, the future regeneration initiatives will create jobs and facilitate future investment. This is good news for Ramsgate which, we are convinced, has a very exciting future ahead.' So when do the harbour and marina get the half a mill dredging treatment, eh Rodge? And, um, where's the dosh coming from?

Let's hope some water arrives before Ramsgate becomes the new Davos on 17 March. Yep, that's right, top City firm Bloomberg New Energy Finance is coming to the Millionaires' Playground in a couple of weeks as part of its third annual summit, described as 'the new Davos' (the Swiss resort where I and the rest of the world's economic elite club together once a year). 400 guests and 75 speakers will descend on the Saatchi Gallery, the Science Museum, the London Olympic Park and, er, Thanet Offshore Wind.

As well as some water in the harbour, hopefully there'll also be some businesses left in the harbour arches for the bigwigs to browse in. A bird tells me the Duffers have stopped renewing their leases. Why?

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Anonymous said...

Arrrrrr ECR

Its us Pirates, TDC can sling its hook - and talking of hooks and the ships barber (as he has a hook and is always in a strop), we hear that we cannot put the Brig up in the boat hoist withoyt paying for the strops separately? This has got our Barber in a right old strop.

To add further to the pirates financial woes (pickings aint been good lately due to Thanets brown enevelope culture) the brig would incur more third party costs to place it in the boat yard.

This is Piracy we tell you.

Cpt E Z Latch (Ships Purser)

Hoisting the gibbet and stropping away in Thanet since 1770


Anonymous said...

Would the 'i' and the 'e' be silent in your description of yourself, pirate?

Anonymous said...


I suspect you are though!! Please remember its i before e, except after c, back to school for you!!

A number of exceptions do apply especially to fallacies (not to be confused with phallus)of which I suspect you subscribe too - and for your edification I place one before you 'pratus', The rule doesn't apply to the large number of plurals of words ending in "cie" ("fallacies)" The later word applies in its entirety to TDC and the way the port is run.

End of lesson and discussion.

Anonymous said...

Dredging news? surely that what I the IOTG has been doing for years

Anonymous said...

Altissima quaeque flumina minimo sono labi

Anonymous said...

Why did the council sell their dredger????