Monday, March 22, 2010

Ferry Excited!

My spies across the water tell me that preparations are well under way for the start of the LD Lines ferry service between Ramsgate and Oostende (Ostend in old money)! Ostender Frank writes:

As you might know the ex Prins Filip is now back home at the port of Oostende. She is getting a beauty treatment at this moment. She was the Norman Spirit of LD lines and now becomes the Ostend Spirit, she remains flying the British flag but has changed homeport.

Instead of Southampton it's now ...... RAMSGATE! She must be the biggest vessel ever with Ramsgate as homeport. Signs that things are improving in Ramsgate... lol

However Robert, another Ostender, sounds a small note of disappointment:

I see that the NEW passenger ferry are starting from Ramsgate this week! BUT only if you are in a vehicle, no foot passengers. LD Lines’ tourist fares on the Ramsgate - Ostend service will be available for cars and passengers, cars and caravans, motorhomes, motorcycles and for added on board passenger comfort facilities include cabins and sleeper seats. LD Lines’ launch offer starts from £24 single for a car and five passengers, subject to availability.

Well, let's hope everything's ready in our lovely port for the big ferry's big day!


Anonymous said...

Perhaps its time now for some kinder words about the Conservative s in TDC as much is happening in the port, not only LD LD/Transeuropa lines but also the investment being made in the Port and Marina and also the Windfarm business.Its a pity that Cllr Watkins is not better informed and more appreciative of all the current success stories around the Port and Marina, well done to the Cabinet Members who are making it happen and shame on Cllr watkins for wanting to talk Ramsgate the Port and all the plans now coming to fruition

Anonymous said...

Well said 4:37 yes all we get from the current labour lot is talking down everything around Thanet, we know there is an Election underway, and the Labour party nationally has mortgaged our country for generations to come, and the labour Group locally trying to put a brave face on the situation by blaming the Conservatives locally, rubbishing every success story, I agree with 4:37 get real Cllr watkins and get a life

Anonymous said...

I mentioned the Euroferries debacle and the woeful state of the harbour once, but I think I got away with it!

Anonymous said...

at 4.37 the cons have stopped renewing leases in the arches thats realy going to help a working harbour and please tell me what else they have done the eastern pontoon is condemned the inner harbour pontoons are falling to bits wake up mate smell the coffee.

Anonymous said...

I guess these plans coming to fruition include the horrendous mess that's been made of the road down to Ramsgate beach. Supposedly, it's for a pipe to run rainwater down to the harbour. Looks a right mess to me. If I didn't know better I'd say that someone has hired a few navvies to dig the road up and make it look like something is happening because there's an election coming. No sign of the drainage channels being installed in site.

Anonymous said...

Thanet had no choice about the locating of huge wind farms off its coast and Ramsgate is nearest harbour. LD lines is doing its own coomercial devlopment like Tesco at Arlington Parade. All have nothing to do with TDC. So Tory 4:37, pathetically repeating yourself at 4.44 (far too obvious a ploy); to claim that this is down to Conservatives at TDC is hog wash.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought but has anyone actually asked Tesco if they're interested in Arlington or are we just reading regurgitated press releases from the owners?

Readit said...

I dont think losing an "anchor" and being in the bottom six of 90+ UK marinas is anything to shout about

Do You?

Anonymous said...

You want the truth from the Conservatives - you will have a long wait!!!

One swallow does not make a summer comes to mind - and the continuing mismanagement of the port continues.

Kinder words for the Conservatives my A***.

ex Conservative