Friday, March 19, 2010

East Of The Wantsum

Here's today's EotW, based on Thanet Community Safety Partnership's plan to 'name and shame' the local ne'er-do-wells. As you can see, nothing politically balanced this week! But all true, of course.

Meanwhile I gather there's been trouble at t'Gazunder Towers over an item in today's paper claiming that the new boss of Chas 'n' Dave Margate International Airport wants to fly 156m knackered old jumbos over Ramsgate every night. As I haven't seen the paper myself, being up in that London pitching my latest oeuvre (How Clean Are Your Celebrity Millionaire Neighbour's Embarrassing Genitals?) to Channel 4, I can't really comment. But I gather knickers were well and truly twisted!


Anonymous said...

Brill! loved it. No wonder you are Thanet's Premier!

Anonymous said...

Sandy replies

I find re-sent humous very oh fence if.

Nah den. Maybe Child finks he has a point abaht the absence of a load spreddin base to cliffs at the Plessyrarma site.

But dat uvver fella sez to me "Sandy" he sez" All dem missing brickworks innit. No use porkie pie on dat cos you would be hollow courses denying innit"

I sez you fecking doo wot mah son last guy got lippy abaht da four by two angles I got and near chinned da ole penshiona innit.

He only fecking sez yeah but I'm arf his fecking age mate and I can rip yer fecking ribs aht and stick em sideways up her arris.

Nah I am dere looking at da geezer and finking yeah. I fancy not having a rack a ribs up me cross ways. So I am keepin schtum right cos I know me back up Rog is coming over summink rapid.

Rog looked like bovvered. Wots to do when da geezer has cunnin and no effing clip bored. Rog dunno wots to do.

So da geeza only sez wear da kitten killa and his guvner who can sine in da log for his exes before his Inca's dry.

I didn't get dat one meself but da geezer sez it wos an ant threw porridgey type kwip. See I never heard da one about the ant and his porridge in da first place.

Try to avoid Porridge innit goota larf.

Anonymous said...

Shame to see someone so messed up on drugs at 9-22 in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Your 9.22 comments were from a prat who thinks he has a sense of humour - what a poor lost soul - he should write scripts for your blog

Richard Eastcliff said...

Oh come on, let's not argue. It's what the terrorists want!

Anonymous said...

I hear those aren't the only Thanet Tories being done.

Anonymous said...

Haven't the Tomlinsons been taken in for questioning concerning questionable approvals in the planning department? Isn't one of their bosom buddies also giving out advice on pieces of land in Palm Bay when he is already having trouble with his lease agreements and maybe facing eviction.

Just how many more corrupt Tories are going to be dragged out from under their safe little homes?
Watt Ruffel, Broadhurst now the Tomlinsons plus all the disgusting behaviour we have seen from the leader and his deputy and we are supposed to respect these people.

Come on, we Thanet people are not that thick are we?