Monday, March 01, 2010

Wow! It's The Summer Of Our Disco Tent!

Hey baby! If you're looking for a summer of lurve and groovy sounds, Thanet's the place to be! No fewer than 417 rock, pop and arts fests are planned for the isle this year. From Peruvian nose pipes to the latest licks from Lady Gaga, we've got the lot!

The fun kicks off in July with outdoor rock festival Thanet Fest planned in King George VI Park, as well as the annual Sound Island Festival at Quex Park with X Factor singing sensations JLS topping the bill. The mood changes for August, when hairy men and women are invited to chillax with a pipe or two of the good stuff to the mellow sounds of Broadstairs Folk Week. Then it's back to headbanging with Ramsgate's Rock on the Dock! The Millionaires' Playground will also be hosting an arts festival in August and, er, another arts festival enticingly dubbed Monster Bass. Then September bangs with another open air rock concert for Ramsgate, alongside the finals of the National Powerboat Championships!

Plus there's heaps of stuff going on in the seedier north of the island. But as that's all coming out of the council tax, I'm sure they can pay for their own publicity!

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