Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's It's A Pothole Blitz!

I see that ruddy-faced man from Kent County Council has announced a 'pothole repair blitz'. Tory leader Paul Carter declared 'an army of road maintenance crews' will be mobilised to tackle the county's crumbling roads.

Two points here. The first is that whenever Paul Carter talks about 'Kent', he is invariably referring to an area within a ten mile radius of Maidstone. I don't know about you, but it's barely possible to drive more than a few yards in Thanet without the jalopy jiggling around like an old nana's knockers at a Graham Norton taping.

Secondly, I rather thought the word 'blitz' referred to what the Germans did to Blighty in WWII. There are still gaping great holes on the island where the Teutons carried out urban regeneration by carpet bombing. Exactly the opposite of a repair job, in fact. 70 years on and they still haven't been, er, filled in. Still, that's Cllr Carter for you. Always putting his foot in his pothole!

Click here to read about KCC's 'pothole blitz' on BBC News website


Roger Gale is a cunt said...
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Anonymous said...

rather OTT language I think for this blog!

Tjörk Offï said...

Please but your spelling TOT is incorrect.
But yes, very childlike.

Anonymous said...

A student from Herne Bay has set up this facebook page IVE-PAID-MY-CAR-TAX-NOW-GO-FIX-SOME-F**KING-POTHOLES which has a title that's just up your street.
Remember pothole only develop in roads that have cracks and repairs in them. Roads with good surfaces dont

Richard Eastcliff said...

Er, I understand your strength of feeling 5:27am. I presume you were just off to your City job on the handy high speed train and were referring to the fact that Roger Wind seems to think all chuffers should go to Victoria, which is just next door to where he works (until 6 May at least).

However, there were just a few too many swear words there. I've adapted your comment below using my modesty filter!

Roger Irrelevant in parliament tonight. What an absolute c***!

Is he still f***ed off over the fact trains don't pull up in parliament square?

Maybe the nation has found it's answer to energy security -make this c***s ( and mrs c***s) life a little tricky and the hot air that blasts out of them could heat ecrs Victorian mansion for a millenium.

Sorry, have I called roger f***ing gale a c*** too many times?

Anonymous said...

"The first is that whenever Paul Carter talks about 'Kent', he is invariably referring to an area within a ten mile radius of Maidstone."

How true!

Anonymous said...

Now all we have is urban regeneration by carpeting.

Anonymous said...

I thought exactly that when I read the Carter b*llsh*t.
Their repair teams have gotten nowhere near Thanet.