Wednesday, March 31, 2010

RoRo Your Boats

Reader Scott writes:

ECR - I was taking the dog for a walk on the West Cliff this morning and spotted both the TEF Larkspur and the new LD/TEF Ostend Spirit in port. I thought you might like this snap I took with my mobile phone. Keep up the good work. Scott.

Thanks Scott. As you can see, the Ostend Spirit in the background dwarfs the Larkspur. But both are put in the shade by our beloved council's Great Wheelie Bin Pile, which you can just see the tip of in the foreground.

Hopefully the port and the town will be busy over the forthcoming Easter break, although if the state of the Thanet Way is anything to go by most motorists will probably give up around Whitstable. Why it required resurfacing, lord knows. Perhaps some public sector accountant's spreadsheet needed balancing before the financial year end.

Anyway, it's yet another planning triumph for Kent Highways, the people who have so far blocked off Boredstares shopping streets for a total of one whole year since 2005!


Anonymous said...

I think I can just about make out the E*********s speedferry on the horizon too!

Anonymous said...

ECR, the newly named Sea Leopard, now Condor Rapide will be passing your place today, due to leave Tilbury at 9:30 today, 1st April en route to Weymouth.

This was the vessel being touted about for the phanton ferry company.

So, Ramsgate will see it, just don't blink!


Scott said...

Talking of the council I took the photo from the delapidated former motor museum which they have let rot for years.

Anonymous said...

ECR, we are to loose our superduperferry after just a few days in service!

She is to return to Dover to cover the Norman Bridge at Portsmouth as the Norman Arrow has cracked her Starboard bow.

Richard Eastcliff said...