Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ten Things You Didn't Know About Thanet's New Leader!

by Isle of Thanet Gazunder Political Editor Hugh Jeckspenses

Thanet Tories have elected a new leader, Councillor Bruce Bayford. But what do we know about Cllr Bobford? We've been digging into Cllr Baywatch's background and come up with a few surprises! [Get on with it - Ed]

1. Cllr Baytree was born in Africa and brought up by a Zulu tribe who weened him on lion's milk!

2. He moved to the UK when his parents formed a dance troupe, and has early memories of performing in Hair at the Shaftesbury Theatre.

3. His first job was as a baker's delivery boy in Notting Hill, where Charlie Drake was one of his customers.

4. He moved to Thanet in 1972 when he landed a prime role as a council deckchair attendant on Margate beach.

5. By the late 70s he had started his own carpet business, and was one of the first fitters in East Kent to introduce shagpile.

6. Cllr Boyband is married to hairdresser Rowena. They have 15 children, all named after England rugby players!

7. Although he is currently a Tory, Cllr Daynurse has also been a member of Thanet Labour, Thanet Libdems, Thanet UKIP and Thanet Wanderers.

8. His favourite food is blancmange, which he prefers served in a bowl.

9. Cllr Gaybar owns an iPod with every single song by Shirley Bassey on it.

10. His most treasured possession is his 1987 turquoise Bentley Mulsanne, with the personalised numberplate CAR 91T (but with the '9' turned round the other way - geddit!!???!!!)

[That's enough things we didn't know - Ed]


puffinman said...

This chap has led a really interesting/colourful life.
Hopefully there will be further interesting snippets.

Anonymous said...

I am sure he was the same Bakers delivery boy who used to lick the icing off of the iced fingers.... the little git !!

Anonymous said...

That's odd I always thought he was an accountant and financial adviser.

ascu75 aka Don said...

ahhhhhhh poor lad bet it was hard being a Bakers boy

Anonymous said...

Tell us some thing we dont know ECR.
Like has he been a good TDC councillor? Has he been a good KCC councillor? His attendance record at KCC is not good, Broadstairs to Maidstone is not like travelling from Panama and I would imaging he's been collecting over £20,000 for his troubles. There are those KCC councillors that say being a KCC councillor is a full time job so how will he fit it all in?

Anonymous said...

Just another Ezekiel meat puppet.

Anonymous said...

It is the double hatters who are really raking it in

deputy mayor Eric Hotson

chief whip Paulina Stockell
and others

Mr Carter always look after his own especially those such as Eric who used to work for KCC legal team

Anonymous said...

The most important thing you need to know is that he's hopelessly pro-airport and will authorise any number of night flights.

Anonymous said...

Pro airport?? Well that is at least something good IMHO
Not that I like the idea of noisy night (or day) flights BUT we need to do whatever it takes to improve our economy in this dyspeptic isle.

Other than that Ezekiel or Bayford it will just be same ole, same ole......... with Samuel running the shooting match at TDC however he wants to.

Like I have said before - they are all in the first class seats on the gravy train

Anonymous said...

he nearly took TDC to the point of bankruptcy when he was in power before and every councillor called him all talk no action...doesn't look good. him and tomlinson, margate is doomed

Anonymous said...

Yee gods memories of another local flyboy with bakers connections. Anyone else recall Lewis Holloway and his partner Shaddick ... them of the original dodgy flat conversion party!!