Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Full Steam Astern?

Tucked away in the Giant Panda of the Exchequer's Boneless Budget Box just now was the announcement that ports involved in the fart farm industry will be getting 60m smackers! Hurrah!

Perhaps some of it will come Port Ramsgate's way, what with Thanet Offshore Wind and London Array being based here. It could even help offset some of the local population's increasingly expensive cider and ciggie habits!

Meanwhile reader Ian writes:

I have been following the story of the launch of the new LD Lines service to Ostend on your excellent blog. [Aw! Me blushin' Ian!] But I have heard that there needs to be more dredging done in Ramsgate to accommodate the Ostend Spirit and that the lorry park is still closed because of the potholes (I have attached a photo). I also gather that the manager in charge [Brian White, Director of Regeneration and Planning Services, and pro-tem Harbour Master] is away on holiday. With only three days to go to the start of the service this does not bode very well.

Er, well Ian, our beloved council does have a track record of killing the golden goose. But I'm sure everyone is crossing everything and that it'll all turn out OK in the end.

Meanwhile P&O announced today that they'll be sailing to Zeebrugge out of Dover from April. So it looks like the Belgian connection is hotting up!


da said...

should have been ramsgate /zeebrugemissed the boat again

Anonymous said...

I hear Brian's in Las Vegas high rolling.

Anonymous said...

What a crap job of the lorry park. Did they do it with an Arts Council grant?