Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Should Have Gone To Catsavers

With Thanet featuring yet again in Private Eye this week it makes you wonder whether Lord Gnome should rename his Rotten Boroughs column Rotten Thanet and be done with it. What with all the petition tossing, 'f*cking tosser' calling, absentee councilling and kitty killing that goes on around here. Kuh!

As an antidote to mayoral cruelty against innocent little animals, I thought I'd highlight a Thanet charity that's only recently developed a web presence. Thanet Animal Group has a Pet Rescue Centre which is offering hordes of cute little purrers and woofers to rehome, none of which will be going to Mayor Ted. I'm especially enamoured of Cookie, their Special Cat of the Month, and am seriously contemplating bringing him home to meet Bertie, my pedigree Burmese!

Just click on the pic to visit the TAG Pet Rescue Centre.

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Anonymous said...

I hope your reference to mayor Ted is a ficticious character!