Tuesday, March 02, 2010

King Of The Swingers

Word has reached me through the old millionaires' grapevine that a prominent member of our esteemed council was recently caught with their proverbials down at a 'swingers' party'.

Being rather untutored in matters of the heart, I had to look this one up. And I have to admit, dear reader, I was rather shocked! Apparently these events involve a few shandies followed by the chaps placing some sort of anonymous identifier, such as a set of car keys, in a hat. Lady participants then take it in turns to remove said keys from said hat hoping, one assumes, to have picked a Bentley or Range Rover V8 rather than a J reg Sierra. They then retire to the boudoir with the vehicle's owner for what can only be described as, um, a full service.

Naturally I'm not going to name the member who's been fingered. Whatever people do in their private lives is really no concern of mine. This blog isn't the News of the Screws. Besides, it could well put my source in jeopardy! I'm not having you lot wildly speculating either, so I've disabled comments for this item!

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