Monday, March 29, 2010

Beer Me Up Scotty

Here's something that should leave a pleasant taste in the mouth! What better way to celebrate the true meaning of Easter than getting bladdered on Trussock's Old Jockstrap and 199 other splendid beers, ciders and perries at the 5th annual Thanet GuzzleFest? Well, I can't think of think of a better way, even if you can.

It all kicks off over at the Mike and Bernie Winter Gardens in Margate at noon on Friday. Stretchers at 10.30pm. Then you can do it all over again on Saturday. Admission £3 (£2 Saturday). Look out this year for a special number from Ramsgate's very own Gaddfather of Ale!

I've been a guest of horror the past four years, and apart from a slight attack of beer-à-rear on day two in 2007, which I put down to the council catering, I've had a thoroughly enjoyable time. Hats off to the organisers of what is pretty much the Ile de Thanet's cultural event of the year!

Click here for Feshtival website hic

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