Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Clean Streets Survey Clean Gone

Browsing round Waitrose earlier, I picked up the latest edition of Thanet Tatters. 'Free news from your council' it said on the stand. Well, how could I resist?

The Duffers claim to have saved £10,000 by not distributing this exotic material door-to-door. You can now only get it from the top shelf in, er, selected outlets. Following up the cover pic of the feather duster/heart, um, thing, I zoomed to page 6. 'We want you to tell us the problems in your area,' screamed the copy under the heading 'How clean is your street?' (Filthy, actually, since you ask.) 'We need your help to identify your priorities and we promise, in return, to use your feedback to hit the places hardest that most need it!' Alright, alright, already. I'm going to tell you. You don't have to waterboard me!

Apparently a survey will be coming through my door, or I can also fill it in online at I think that's 'Love Your Street', not 'Lovey Our Street', although both would suit me now I come to think of it.

So off I trots to Here, try it yourself.

See? Nothing. Nix. Nada. Completely sausageless. 'Sorry, the page you requested could not be found.'

Now, isn't Cllr/Dr Biggles in charge of the council's IT mullarkey? And isn't he always banging on about 'joined up thinking'? Judging by this faux pas, I'd be surprised if anyone at the council was capable of joined up writing!

Update: Cllr/Dr Biggles has now fixed this link quicker than you can say 'Page 404 - not found'! Next time my Delboy laptop bursts into flames, I know who to call!


Anonymous said...

What was interesting was that only 400 people bothered to fill in the questionnaire asking how our money was to be spent - ie when the cabinet started making cuts - they could say you chose to say councillors allowances should be reduced, really though the TDC cabinet should feel sufficiently in tune with us the voting electorate to know what was acceptable or not, and not need to keep passing the buck and costing us money in staff costs analysing data about whether 400 people want road sweeping to be a preferred option over something else?

DrM. said...

Thanks ECR, I had already spotted a page problem with the council webserver earlier this evening and reported it. I'm unsure whether it involves after hours work by the hosting company or not but I have asked for a report!

Richard Eastcliff said...

Cripes! That's quick service Doc! I take it all back!

Anonymous said...

I just tried to find my councillor under the democracy section, it didn't work - I get "Error handler" which somehow seems appropriate.

Co-incidently the tories have just voted in a new leader. Not sure whether this is a co-incidence or the new democracy in action.

Richard Eastcliff said...

And you got rid of Sandy too Doc! Is there no end to your talents?!!?