Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Arse Gratia Fartis

Testes! Ego am finding this Latin mullarcius a bit of a dolor in the rectum! So I'll probably just restrict the old lingua latina to headlines from now on.

Any-old-quam, I hear that a date and name for the putative Ramsgate Arts Festival has finally been, er, finalised. So put 28, 29 and 30 August (August Bank Holiday weekend in old money) in your diaries for... da-dah... Summer Squall! Click on the pic to go to their websitium.

Quite what they'll be putting on, though, is anyone's guess. I'm thinking jugglers, fire eaters, wind sculptures and scary-yet-somehow-arty clowns. But what do I know? (Don't answer that). The Ramsgate summer season is filling up, what with the rotters at Thanet Council organising their own rival Monster Bass arts festival in the Millionaires' Playground, the possibility of an open air rock festival in the park, Ramsgate Week courtesy of the Shirley Temple Yacht Club, and another rock concert to go alongside powerboat racing in September.

I haven't heard much talk about Ramsgate Rocks though. Usually it's in July and diverts enough folding into the pockets of the bar owners on the front to keep them in Range Rover V8s with personalised number plates (class!) all year round!


Tjörk Offï said...

I hear it will going to be a lowered-in-the-quay event this year. So maybe no stage with funfair.
Street artists I hear, and those things.
Much easier in my home, for the snow to draw upon.
Pardon for my English, but better still of many who write here, I gloat.
Spelling is good, yes?

Anonymous said...

Real Thanet art only comes to Margate.

Michael Child said...

Richard I have been trying to add their blog to my blog roll thingy but nothing I do seems to work, any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Lets be honest the art scene in Margate is contrived. - The so called creative quarter in the old town and turnip contemporary is something thats been knocked up in a board room by town planners apeing the regenration models used in run down areas of the UK. There is nothing organic about the artscene in Margate and there never will be.
The arts in Thanet have a more welcoming home in Ramsgate where The Ramsgate Arts Festival has been formed from a grass roots level thus refelcting the creative appetite of the local residents. Unlike Margate we have acomplished artists who actually live here unlike DFL weekend artists scoring cheap art spaces in Margate.

There is burgening arts and music scene happening in Ramsgate and i've no doubt that this planned Ramsgate Arts Festival and Thanet Fest music festival will be a tremendous success.

Sorry for being so negative about Margate but I was just there this afternoon and i can assure you its still a crap hole

ooooohh lets regenerate the town by inviting artists to come there.

Peter Checksfield said...

9:36, as a Margate-based artist...I agree with you!

Tjörk Offï said...

A hat up you 9:36. But think 9:58 to be wrong.

Anonymous said...

Oh please Thanet is all the same, Ramsgate and Margate or not separate if your in the arts and you think that you really need to get out more. Provincialism at its worst. What next the Acol art scene is more cutting edge than Birchington? Honestly.

Anonymous said...

Art and artists are not just something you put up like Heras fencing hoping to disguise whats there to see .

Margate is a depressing run down town destroyed by a local greedy arsonist, condoned by a corrupt local council. Artists need to be inspired to produce good work and living and working in a shithole is not going to do that .

Ramsgate and Broadstairs have more artists because they are inspiring places to live . The only artists who might like Margate are ones who want a lifetime time supply of free charcoal

Anonymous said...

See possibilities please folk.

Margate could have its own burns nights.

Son et lumiere backdrop to recitation over a Margate haggis.

"Burren wee wooden railway

Where hides Probe Securitay

Pity the timorous wee beastay

Tiny wee kitten fleas' prey

This is Margate poetray2

Peter Checksfield said...

If only they'd built Turner Contemporary on Ramsgate harbour instead...

Tjörk Offï said...

Ramsgate has much beauty for the harbour, 10:12am. There would be no need for your ugliness here.

Anonymous said...

Thanet has artists of all types and they live everywhere across the isle, some are completely brilliant and some are utterly dreadful, some are rich some are poor. It doesn't have anything to do with where you live, its what you do.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if many dfls bag cheap art space don't actually live in thanet or contribute to the local scene. Pete