Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'll Have What He's Having

Whatever drugs Our Glorious Leader Sandy Beach is on, I've got to get me some. Why? Well if you read his column in this week's Gazunder, the only possible conclusion you could come to is that he's sprinkling too many mandies on his Special K these days.

Nine tenths of the wordage is about Europe, the state of the pound, Gordon Brown and the Lib Dems. Quite what any of that has to do with keeping the public conveniences open or the 30% hole in Margate's retail sector is beyond me. But ah, at the very end we get two sentences which may be of relevance: 'We are not cutting our front line services and will see a tourism program (sic) to match that of last year. We also listen to you and are not closing, as speculated, a single toilet.'

After all that high fallutin' talk of sterling, forex, Standard and Poor's, and deficits, the last sentence would almost certainly qualify for the Bathos of the Year Award. But Sandy in his euphoric state seems to have forgotten the Great Khazi Stink of 2009, when our beloved council didn't close a single toilet, it closed loads of them. As for not cutting front line services, it's been a few years since that sweepy-uppy man used to tour the grimy back streets here on the East Cliff every week. Now he only comes if you ring the council on your mobile and complain that you can't open the door to get out of your car because the gutter's knee deep in empty Stella cans.

Now, of course I'm not seriously suggesting that the Tory leader of Thanet Council is a drug addict. No, that could get me into all kinds of trouble. But he is a man of a certain age, and I do worry about his memory. Even at the ripe old age of 29, I sometimes find my memory ain't what it used to be.

Even at the ripe old age of 29, I sometimes find my memory ain't what it used to be. But it's not only Sandy's long term memory that's shot. His short term memory's going too! A tourism 'program' to match that of last year? Er, turn to page 3 and you'll find only a few days ago he slashed every Visitor Information Centre bar Margate's (natch). Unless by 'program' he means the £££s of ££££s poured into Margate events, which seem to grow each year like dry rot on a dilapidated council asset.

With a memory like that, isn't it time the poor old fella handed in his cards?


Anonymous said...

You don't surely think he writes this stuff, do you? It's got Roger Gale written all over it with Sandy get a chance at one sentence, the last one, of course.

Richard Eastcliff said...

Hmm. Well, I don't write this stuff either! But it's got my name on the tin, so I knowingly take all the flak!

ascu75 aka Don said...

All the people on the housing list can kip in the karsie they are keeping open........... Oh they close em at night back to plan A. Build some council houses it cant be to hard can it they built 63 last year EMPLOY MORE BUILDERS.

Anonymous said...

It isn't a question of him handing in his cards. It's a question of why North Thanet Tories allow him to continue being the Leader. We can only assume that the Tory party approves of him and the tosh that was written. Come the election you have a choice. If you don't like EZK don't cote Tory.
For balance I should add that you shouldn't vote Labour if you don't like Ladyman. However, he doesn't have any clout on the local Council and so, he can't be blamed for the Tunrer Centre etc. (or can he?)

Anonymous said...

A bit like manipulating the cash reserves then!!!!

Anonymous said...

Minor point, assuming 10.25 is referring to Ezekiel-

he represents a S. Thanet TDC ward once the general election is called as Cliftonville East will be, along with Cliftonville West, in S. Thanet.

Surely it's a case of will any of the Thanet Tories want to keep him as Leader?

Incidentally no-one seems to have told Laura Sandys how to read a map as her leaflets are going into Dane Valley and Salmestone both of which are still and will remain, N. Thanet and able to vote for Roger Gale.

Perhaps in a funny sort of way it's a way of letting Lord Ashcroft pay for Thanet Tory leaflets saving Roger Gale money but that would only work with the right name on the leaflet. Forget I ever said that as it doesn't make sense.

Anonymous said...

If rumours are true we will be seeing the end of the carpet bagger this week and good riddance to bad rubbish i say!

Anonymous said...

Who will replace him? Not the Jolly Roger I hope.