Sunday, March 21, 2010

Eddie Gilbert's 1, Harvey's 0

I see top food critic Jay Rayner has given Eddie Gilbert's on Ramsgate's 'King Street the thumbs up in today's Observer! His review is peppered (geddit?!!?!) with approbria such as 'impressive', 'expertly fried fish' and 'Oh my'.

Unfortunately, though, he doesn't much rate mad chef John Burton Race's effort on the front, Harvey's. Mr Rayner concludes:

It would be regarded as peevish of me to compare Eddie Gilbert's with another fish restaurant in the same town. That's not going to stop me doing so. Last year I gave a mediocre review to Harvey's, a new venture with the rancid John Burton Race as exec chef. Still, I held out the hope that it could improve. I was too kind, and as my job is to hand out recommendations, I'm going to do just that. Leave Harvey's in peace. If you want intriguing fish cookery in Ramsgate with lots of flair but no fannying around, go to Eddie Gilbert's. Simple as that.

No wonder, then, that I hear EG's is booked solid for a month of Sunday's, Saturday's, Friday's....

Update: Given the number of, er, rank reviews there have been for Harvey's I've sadly had to remove it from the list of 'Recommended Nosheries' in my sidebar. However, to keep up the Ramsgate contingent I've replaced it with Alexandra Ristorante, that nice Italian eatery on the harbour.

Click here to read Eddie Gilbert's review in the Observer
Click here to visit Eddie Gilbert's website


Anonymous said...

ECR, you must rate Harveys as it's in your "Recommended Nosheries" list. But so is the Rice Bowl, Margate that was in your closed shops snaps last week!

Anonymous said...

Well done Jonny

Richard Eastcliff said...

You're quite right 8:13pm. I'm going to have to review my sidebar in the morning!

Ramsgate girl said...

I've never seen anyone in Harvey's when I walk past at lunchtime - not usually in town in evening so not sure if people go there or not but everyone local who has been there is praising Eddie's

Anonymous said...

I had luch at Eddie's recently and couldn't fault it. Good value for money. Good drinks list including English wine and local beers not overly priced. Large portions of fish and chips well-cooked. Attentive but not too in-your-face staff.

Harvey's? Over-priced. Mean portions and pretentious.Went once and won't be back.Poor service and snooty staff.

Eddie's has a £8 two-course menu for Tuesday to Thursday so not too pricey. One course of fish and chips for as little as £7.50 off the main menu. Compare that with Harvey's prices £13 for a tiny main course. No way!!

Tjörk Offï said...

I am eating Johnnies for lunch at new work and have thought that this is great product of my homeland.

Anonymous said...

I often wonder if Jay Raynor pops into other local establishments for a quick drink after EG's - the York Arms, perhpaps.

If so, one thing would go through Jay's mind - the music in the Star Wars Mos Eisley bar scene.

Anonymous said...

I will tell my old chum Bruno Loubert of deep fried smoked dutch eel in japenese breadcrumds and waitrose eggs. Zetter will be buzzing. LOCAL LOCAL IT IS THE CRAZE NOW. Jay Rayner walking around ramsgate on a Sunday one place that was packed Belgian Cafe giving there critics exactly what they want. Save the dinner party menus for our old chums Michelin out of date. You get a good view of it kicking off outside of the York thou, nothing our community officer can not sort out.

Anonymous said...


Well hardly!
Import/export has been the craze for the last sixty years, thanks to some huge leaps forward in transport.
But I gather that the human race has been around for a tad longer than that!