Wednesday, March 31, 2010

That's The Wonder Of Woolworths

Joining one of my (recently, er, retired) banker chums for lunch in town yesterday, he reminded me of the new adage that you can tell how an area is doing by observing what its closed down Woolies has become. Adding, with what appeared to be a smirk, that in his locale it was now a 24 hour Waitrose.

That got me thinking. Here in the Ms' P we got a 99p shop. In Boredstares it's an Iceland. And in Margate, it's still empty. Hmm. He may have a point!


Anonymous said...

Indeed, you may have a point. The ex Woolies in Deal is set to become a Poundland style store too.

A homeware/99p style store took over the Woolies branch in Faversham some months ago while that in Whitstable is also now an Iceland branch. Yet Canterbury's former Woolworth's also stands empty. Perhaps there is a glimmer of hope for Margate after all?

Anonymous said...

Cliftonville Woolies still empty too.

Anonymous said...

I think you will find that Canterbury's Woolworths is Poundland opens on Thursday and Deal's is in the process of opening as a branch of Poundland. Margate sadly is in decline. No comparison really with either Deal or Canterbury at least both of those towns have modernised Marks and Spencer branches what happened to Ramsgate's and Margate's oh yes shut down and moved to Westwood Cross