Saturday, March 13, 2010

Little Change On The Eurof*****s Front

Loathe as I am to mention Eurof*****s for fear of being taken to the cleaners by their wolf pack of highly paid m'learneds, I think I can safely say that their latest deadline for launching a Ramsgate Boulogne service came and went a while ago. I gather they're now intending to start in April (possibly the 1st, as suggested in yesterday's Gazunder by my columnist chum Jane Wenham-Jones).

What is ever-so-slightly new is their website (click on pic to visit). Gone is the claim to be 'the leading fast ferry operator on the English Channel between Ramsgate and Boulogne' and in comes: 'Eurof*****s is a high speed ferry operator between the ports of Ramsgate and Boulogne.'

Also new for March is this promise: 'Should there be a delay to the launch of service and you are therefore unable to travel with us you will be informed & given a full refund.'

Meanwhile one rumour mill is even suggesting that Thanet Council's very own Director of Regeneration and Development Services Brian White is 'the guy they employed to deal with the coach traffic'. I'm sure our Brian, and the rest of the island, will be delighted to hear of his elevation!

Click here to visit previous version of Eurof*****s website


Readit said...

This is definitely a EUROFARCE, what we need is LD to extend their new Ramsgate-Ostend operation to a Ramsgate-Boulogne service using Norman Arrow or similar vehicle.

Bertie Biggles said...

Spot on, Readit!

Mrs Tara Plumbing said...

I couldn't bring myselfto look at their website yet again But last time i looked (just about 2 weeks ago) they were taking bookings from 18th March. I didn't try to book so I do not know if that system works.

If April 1st is the big day this could turn out to be the most elaborate April fool event ever. It culd make history anlong with those spagetti trees.


Anonymous said...

Elaborate? They've done it enough now, that it could be the most boring.

Anonymous said...

Somethings are still the same on their website, the journey time to
Canary Wharf is given as just over the hour. Now the AA route planner shows it as 1 hr 49 mins! Their website also sings the praises of shopping in Ramsgate, not quite the scene it is today.

Neptune Watcher said...

Us Planet Thanet bloggers have been given a good laugh over the past year or so, but I do feel a bit sorry for those not lucky enough to live on our island of dreams, who might actually consider booking with Eurofaries. Isn't it about time Trading Standards or Advertising Standards took a look at the EF website?