Monday, February 16, 2009

The G Of The Bang

Regular readers will know that I often cavort with the salty seamen down on our lovely Royal Harbour here in the Millionaires' Playground. In fact I can be spied most weekends, tooling around the marina in my brass-buttoned blazer, captain's cap and deck shoes, sporting, of course, the old Rolex Oyster (Whitstable Edition). It's on these occasions that I often get a nibble on a tasty titbit or two.

And this weekend was no different. One of those lifeboat chaps told me that the maroon has finally gone up for good, and there'll be no more banging to let us know when the brave RNLI types are on a shout. If you recall, the maroons were banned a while back for health and safety reasons. But then they were reinstated locally on appeal. Until such time as the stocks ran out. Which they now have, as Pains Wessex apparently no longer make them. 'It's all done by pager now,' moaned the morose, de-marooned matelot. 'Which is a shame as we come tearing along Military Road, but of course the town hasn't had a warning that there's an emergency'.

Fortunately, the RNLI have developed a 'desktop pager' which you can download for your PC or Mac here. While you're at it you can also make a donation to the guys in orange and blue, if you're feeling generous. Meanwhile if you want to know what a heavy sea looks like, I recommend you take a gawp at this cruise liner on BoobTube, narrowly avoiding a recreation of The Poseidon Adventure:


Tony Beachcomber said...

ECR, I found a maroon on the beach that has been fired. So it does look as if it is going to be a collectors item. If I give it long enough I could put it on eBay and use the money to fund class war in the hear future.

JP said...

They stopped using the maroon in anticipation of them being drowned out by the constant thunder of knackered old jumbos.

What Tony describes as the 'hear future'.

ascu75 aka Don said...

speak up I cant near you

JP said...

Don, shout, you're too far away!

Michael Child said...

I would imagine that you can still get maroons in France where they were probably invented, I believe maroon is the French for chestnut and are named after the way they explode if leave them on the fire to long when roasting them.